Apple Pay casino sites in the UK

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Apple Pay casinos in the UK are far more available than they once were and some believe it may be the future of transferring funds to and from customer’s online casino accounts. One thing is for sure, its introduction has shaken things up.

There are many sites that offer Apple Pay as an option. For example, it can be FOUND AT SPACE CASINO, a modern-day online casino where fun and ease of use is at the heart of the design, not to mention the company’s philosophy.

Apple Pay casinos in the UK look like they’re here to stay, with new cutting edge sites and well-established ones quick to see its potential for the industry.

The best Apple Pay casino sites in the UK

Despite the fact that Apple Pay has become quite widespread as a payment method in recent years, it isn’t available for all online casinos. This seems quite strange as the online gambling world is often at the forefront of technological change. Thankfully, it’s increasingly rare to find sites that don’t offer it. 

That’s not to say that all those that offer it are inherently a quality online casino, of course, so we’ve produced a handy list of what we believe to be the best Apple Pay casino in the UK. If you’re unsure where to start, you try these at least one of these once:

  • Space Casino
  • Paddy Power
  • Ladbrokes
  • William Hill
  • Coral
  • Bet 365

Space Casino

Apple Pay casino sites don’t get much more user-friendly, not to mention customer friendly, than this. Space Casino offers a great selection of slots, as well as dozens of live casino tables to indulge in. There are also virtual sports, esports and game shows, all easy to find, navigate and play.

Favourable odds and all kinds of betting options are also here, as well as many deposit and withdrawal apps, not just an Apple Pay casino. This combination of qualities and options are what makes Space Casino one of the best kept secrets in online gambling.

Paddy Power

Apple Pay casino made its mark at Paddy Power some time ago and it remains one of the most used depositing methods on the site. Paddy Power is one of the more progressive sites in terms of options for payments, and this attitude extends to the huge range of markets that they provide.

If you know anything about online casinos, you know Paddy Power. Their very aggressive marketing campaigns are legendary, sometimes to their detriment, as is often the case with that type of marketing. But underneath it all lies a site that has plenty of options across the board and is worth trying if this is something you want from your online casino.


Ladbrokes are another Apple Pay casino that is a mainstay on the British high street, as well as the virtual one. An altogether calmer affair than Paddy Power, they are arguably best known for their sportsbook and easy on the eye design. That doesn’t mean there aren't other markets to enjoy, however.

Apple Pay casinos will always need other payment methods, and, like most of the best ones, there are many options here for you to take advantage of. Ladbrokes also has daily promotions, not to mention fast processing times, which is always a welcome feature for any casino.

William Hill

If Apple Pay casino sites have a reputation for being at the more showy end of the scale, then William Hill is here to redress the balance. One of the most famous gambling companies in the UK, William Hill is a site for grown ups. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot of fun to be had here, it’s just that you won’t see the garishness that some other sites provide.

Deposits are immediate with Apple Pay. but you will need to wait a few days for withdrawals, which is standard for most payment methods. There are daily offers, some of which can be quite generous, and the sportsbook is second to none. If you take your online gambling a little more seriously, William Hill is a good place to start.


Offering multiple funding options through Apple Pay. Coral have thrown their weight behind the money transferring app as hard as anyone. Coral has its own look and feel, but as it’s something of the sister site to Ladbrokes, so you know what you’re getting if you are in any way familiar with the latter.

A terrific sportsbook is the most notable part of the Coral experience, although that shouldn’t have you thinking that’s all there is to this site. With slots, Bingo, Live Casino and Poker all very well catered for, you’re sure to find something to enjoy here. 

Bet 365

Some of the online casinos on this list have already made their name on the high street, while others came along in the digital era. Bet 365 belong to the latter and have built a reputation to match any of their peers, whether online or off. Reputations are easily built and lost for online casinos, so the fact that it has managed to thrive for some time is a good sign.

Although it offers plenty of markets, it probably leans more into the sports side of things than elsewhere, which is a good thing if your focus is on this area. As far as its worth as an Apple Pay casino, it provides a very straightforward sign up process with a minimum deposit of £5. All in all, Bet 365 has definitely earned its place on this list and is worth a try if you’re looking for a new online casino.

The history of Apple Pay

The development of Apple Pay is a long one, with the idea only coming to fruition in 2014, involving various start-ups and credit card companies. This was always going to be a revolutionary idea, so it was essential that the groundwork was put in. In Apple years, this was during the iPhone 6 era, a long time ago in digital years.

It wasn’t until 2015 that it was launched in the UK, with fast food restaurants often being the first to sign up for the new scheme. Since then, it has become ubiquitous, with cashpoints, local shops and all kinds of high street companies, large and small, offering the benefits of the new payment system.

Apple Pay casinos were also at the forefront of this great leap forward, and most of the major, and not so major, businesses offering customers the opportunity to use it from sign up. 


FAQs for Apple Pay casinos in the UK

If you’re unfamiliar with ApplePay casinos or even the app itself, you probably have a few questions in mind, after all, this is a relatively new way of using online gambling sites. 

So we’ve put together a few of the most common questions we hear when talking about Apple Pay casinos. If any concerns or curiosities haven’t been answered below, your online casino should be able to help you. Failing that, Apple themselves have a wealth of information to access.

How secure is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay, as the name suggests, is designed and maintained by Apple, one of the world’s foremost technology companies. There are few companies in the world that understand cutting edge tech more than Apple, and that includes security. 

In fact, baked into the process itself is a level of security that you don’t get from using your debit or credit card because Apple Pay doesn’t share your identity or card number with the companies you’re buying from. That’s an extra level of security that few other online payment methods can match.

On top of which, Apple Pay doesn’t store your personal information for each purchase, so fraudsters can’t track this vital data back to you. In short, Apple Pay casinos are very much safe to use regarding the deposits and withdrawals.

How to sign up for Apple Pay

Before you get to that stage, however, you do need an Apple Pay account, after all, there’s little point in talking about Apple Pay casinos if you don’t have the app to begin with.

The first thing you should know is that you will need a phone that has the latest updates and it must have the capability of using the app. Unless your phone is particularly ancient, this shouldn’t be an issue. 

At the time of writing, this means using the iPhone SE or later with an ios 10 or later operating system. You might have already guessed, you can’t use Apple Pay on Android. You can, however, use an Apple Watch or iPad.

Next up, tap use a new credit or debit card and select previously used cards, this is the card you will use for your ApplePay casino account. Then, verify and download the app, it’s that simple. For Apple Watches, the process is similar, using the phone you’ve paired the watch to.

How do ApplePay casinos work?

Although each site is different to some degree, the process of registering Apple Pay for your account is generally the same. The broadest way to describe how Apple Pay works for online casinos is simply to link the Apple Pay account to your casino account. 

For more in-depth instructions, the help pages of the online casino itself should be able to walk you through the process. Some accounts allow you to make Apple Pay your main method of depositing and withdrawing money, but the entire process is very straightforward and secure.

The future of ApplePay casino

Digital transfers have been around for a few decades now, so it would be a stretch to say that they’re “new”. As with everything, the pace of change in the digital era is hard to predict, let alone which direction it will take. But it’s safe to say that some form of it will be around for a long time.

Apple Pay is among the most advanced of the new technologies in the field, so it is highly likely that it will play a huge role in online casino money transferring in the near and medium term future. That’s not to say that innovation won’t occur under its name, however.

The possibilities are endless, and Apple Pay casinos are perfectly positioned to take advantage of these for the foreseeable future.