Betting for the Premier League

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Betting for the Premier League has an enormous amount of depth to it, which can make it difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you get started.

A great sports market and offers can be found at Space Casino, where different bets, world leagues and competitions as well as an easy to navigate design make the experience enormous fun. There are also other markets, including slots, live casino, esports and virtual sports to try.

Betting for the Premier League has enough things going on to keep you engaged for years, so if you’re new to the market, you’re in for a treat.

The best online casinos for betting on the Premier League

With such a large depth of bets available, and it being such a popular market, there are a huge amount of online casinos that offer options for betting on the Premier League

Not all online casinos are created equally, however, so knowing where to start is essential if you’re going to enjoy the experience. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of the best online casinos for betting in the Premier League.

Space Casino

Space Casino manages to get the most important things right, such as ease of navigation and immersion, but does it with great style. At its heart it’s a simple website, but the small touches mean everything here.

The Rocket of the Week offer is the perfect accompaniment to betting for the Premier League, with weekly promotions offering free bets on the most interesting games of the week. When the Premier League is off, the Rocket is still available for other games. Perfect.

Paddy Power

The cartoonish and in your face marketing is the perfect example of what Paddy power offers. It’s not subtle in what it does, but why would it be when you offer so much?

The markets are as deep as it gets, with plenty of Premier League focused betting to keep you entertained if you want to dive in. If this type of site is your thing, you won’t find much better elsewhere.


Ladbrokes is one of the mainstays of gambling in the UK, but it has managed to translate that well to the online world, where it continues to thrive with a mixture of casino and sportsbook.

Ladbrokes has a great Premier League market, with all kinds of bets that provide a place for even the most curious and adventurous of football betting customers. A trusted and well respected site that is worth checking out.

William Hill

William Hill is another of the pre-internet “bookies” that made its name going back many decades. It has a no-nonsense approach to its website that is refreshing when compared to the often superficial and flashy sites that come and go regularly.

It’s this serious approach that allows a degree of trust and loyalty from its customers and has served it well when so many contemporaries have fared much worse in the 21st century. 


Threading the needle perfectly from the old, trusted, bricks and mortar casinos to the new online world, Betway thrives in just about every region it is available in. Balance is the key here, which is what it does so well.

The sportsbook isn’t quite the level of some of its rivals, but there is everything here that the vast majority of customers could ever want. Betting for the Premier League is well catered for and it understands the market well.

When does the Premier League start?

The Premier League always starts in August, usually within the first two weeks of the month, even if there has been a major tournament during the summer. This allows for the teams to rest appropriately (although many think it isn’t long enough during years with big international tournaments like the World Cup) and for them to regain some match sharpness in pre season. 

It also allows for teams to buy and sell players for the coming season, balancing the books while improving the squad. At least that’s the goal, it doesn’t always happen. 

Knowing when does the Premier League start is important for many markets, such as Premier League top scorer betting or the overall winners etc. So keeping an eye on the calendar is always important, including for when the games you want to bet on are being played. 

Most online casinos can keep you informed about when does the Premier League start, as well as the forthcoming matches. They also have a list of live, in-play betting, in case you fancy jumping in straight away. For these markets, it is also important to know when does the Premier league start.

Premier League top scorer betting

Premier League top scorer betting is one of our favourite markets. This is for a few reasons. Sometimes, choosing bets that have longevity provides extra excitement during the season. For example, if you’re betting on a particular game, that bet is over in 90 minutes. 

Even the season long bets, such as overall winners, can be restricted if one team is running away with the league. Premier League top scorer betting can maintain interest and possibilities, even if your chosen player gets off to a bad start. 

Other markets for betting on the Premier League

As previously stated, there are many different approaches for betting for the Premier League, with markets that go into every aspect of the game. We could write hundreds and hundreds of articles on this topic, that’s not an exaggeration.

To keep things simple, therefore, we will focus on some of our favourite bets.

Premier League winners

Betting for the Premier League winners is one of the more popular markets available and as such it is offered on most of the online casinos websites. In short, the simple description is you choose a team you want to win the Premier League and place a bet on it. 

There are different aspects that can be added, such as a kind of each way bet that allows you to win some money if that team finishes second. You can also “cash out” during the season, which means you are offered a percentage of the winning total before the end of the season. This is a good option if your team are doing better than expected but you don’t think they’ll keep it up.

In other words, it’s a great market in itself that is worth looking at.

Throw in, corners and other stats

You can even bet on the amount of throw-ins, corners, yellow cards, red cards and a whole raft of other aspects of the game that you might not have thought possible. These might not seem to be the most entertaining options, but particularly when you are watching a game, they can add all kinds of excitement to the mix.

This might not be the best place to start if you’re new to betting for the Premier League, but it is something to look towards if you’re looking for something new and a little bit different.

Scores, goals and assists

A bit closer to the more mainstream bets, these are the ones where you predict the final score and the other stats that you will likely see when looking at an overview of a game. 

How many assists will a specific player get? Who will be the first scorer? How many goals will a specific player get? Who will be ahead at half time and who will be ahead at full time? As you can see, even these markets can get complex if that's the way you like it, but they are also among the most simple to get your teeth into.

Final thoughts on betting for the Premier League

As previously hinted at, we’ve barely scratched the surface here, there is so much to find for the Premier League betting casinos that you’ll always be discovering something new.

We couldn’t even begin to predict what other options will be available within the next few years as the technology improves the way we interact with the game. Often these come from left field and aren’t even related to gambling to begin with.

What for sure is that you will struggle to find a market with more depth of options than Football, and with the Premier League being so popular, it’s the best place to dive in if you haven’t already.