What to put on your betting slip in the UK

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Betting slips are a complicated bunch, there are so many options that it can be overwhelming for all but the most knowledgeable gamblers. There are often dozens of betting options across dozens of sports, from all around the world and accessible to customers.

You can find many at Space Casino, with its easy to navigate layout and favourable odds, easy to use bet slips and regular promos for old as well as new players.

We’ve put together some of the best online casinos for betting options, as well as some tips and tricks of the trade to make sure that you have the inside scoop on what to put on your betting slip.

The best online casinos to use for your bet slips

There are so many online casinos and betting slips to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. In truth, the right casino for you will depend on what it is that you’re looking for. Some will have more of a focus on sports, others on slots. Some might be flashy and colourful others more serious and straightforward.

We’ve tried to add a mixture of these to the list below, but we think they’re all of high quality and worth trying at least once.

  • Space Casino
  • Paddy Power
  • Ladbrokes
  • William Hill
  • Bet365

Space Casino

On the more fun side of things, Space Casino is the perfect online casino for both beginners and those who really know what they’re doing when it comes to online casinos. It’s easy to navigate and has a sense of humour that doesn’t take away from the experience as a whole. 

When it comes to the betting slips market, this one has what can be described as a user-friendly approach, offering a surprising amount of depth. There’s a long list of high quality sports betting options available and at no point does it feel small or confusing. In other words, it’s the perfect balance. 

Paddy Power

If Space Casino gives you a light-hearted touch, Paddy Power goes full slapstick, as you can tell by their marketing campaigns. That shouldn’t have you thinking there isn’t any depth to their sportsbook, however, as it provides a huge amount of options for your bet slip.

In the early days of online casinos there were many garish and in your face websites that were frankly all noise and no substance. The fact that Paddy Power is one of the most popular betting slips proves that there is more quality of options here than most can provide.


Ladbrokes leans towards the more serious side of online gambling and betting slips in the UK market, offering a terrific sportsbook and regular promotions with it. That isn’t to say that the website is dour, there are plenty of light touches to provide a sense of fun here.

What’s impressive are the many bet slip options available from the outset. It’s not just markets galore, but markets within markets that will have you wanting to dive into them from the moment you select an event or competition. With esports and virtuals also available, you’ll have no problem finding what you want here. 

William Hill

Definitely leaning towards the more straightforward side of the scale, William Hill takes their place in the online casino world seriously and their attention to detail is therefore second to none. There are few flashing lights or caricatures here, just good, honest betting options that offer something every time you sign in.

This includes free daily games, where you can win free spins and bet slip boosts that offer great odds. Mostly, though, it’s the depth of the incredible sports market that will have you feeling like a kid in a sweet shop, with more betting options than you thought possible. 

Bet 365

On the same sliding scale of serious and fun, Bet 365 would occupy the centre ground. There are plenty of bet slip options here, like the rest of this list, but it has its own thing going on. This is likely due to the fact that, unlike many of the others, it began life during the Internet era. 

While many of its contemporaries went down the more cartoonish route, Bet 365 carefully carved out a name for itself that straddled the online market with the trust that was usually reserved for those you could find on the high street at that time. In the long run, they’ve been shown that this was the right choice.

How do betting slips work?

So before we go any further, let’s address the main issue, how betting slips work. After all, if you’re new to this we shouldn’t jump the gun. A bet slip is essentially a receipt that you fill in yourself with the wagers you want. In the days before the Internet, it was this bet slip that you handed into the counter as proof of your win, which was checked against the bookies records and then paid out, usually in cash.

In the age of the Internet, betting slips are digital when wagered online. They’re now little more than a record for you to track your bets as the online casino keeps a digital record of the wager that pays out automatically if and when you win.

A bet slip will contain all the relevant information about the wager, including the time it was placed, the market and event that it was placed on, the odds of the bet and the potential winnings. If cash out is available, more on that later, you will also see the amount that the casino is offering in real time.

For the most part, a betting slip is straightforward and intuitive, so it shouldn’t take you too long to get in the swing of things.

What can I put on a betting slip?

There is, as has been previously discussed for the online casinos above, a huge range of wagers that you can add to a betting slip in the online casino market. Some, like a double or scorecast, are mainstays of the gambling world, others are a little more creative. 

So what are these bets and their pluses and minuses when it comes to bet slips, odds and the experience of the wager itself? In truth, we could fill a library with the ins and outs of online gambling and each of these elements, but to keep it simple, we’ve put together some of the most popular and fun bets available.

The Double

Let’s start with something simple, the Double. When you add this bet to your bet slip, you’re essentially putting on two bets for one wager. An example of the Double would be predicting the outcome of two results for different events. So, for example, England will beat Spain 1-0 and Scotland will beat Portugal 2-1. 

The odds for both bets are multiplied, meaning that you get great odds but, of course, it’s a much longer shot than if you were to bet them as single bets (Singles). The more events you add to this bet, the longer the odds become. A Treble is much the same but with three bets instead of two. 

Add this one to your bet slip if you’re just getting started and want to keep it simple but interesting. 

The Accumulator

Few wagers end up on a betting slip more than the Accumulator. Sometimes referred to as the Acca, this bet uses many of the same principles as the Double, only it’s made up of at least four bets. All of these bets must come in for you to win, so even if you get seven out of eight bets right, that one failure will mean you lose.

The great thing about an Accumulator is that the odds become very long, very quickly. That might make it seem like too much of a long shot, but you can get very long odds by adding four or more favourites (the most likely bets to win).

The Accumulator is one of the most popular betting slips available today and allows you to get truly creative with your choices.

Each Way

You may have heard of the bet “Each Way” and wondered what it meant. The best way to describe an Each Way bet is you’re betting to win but with a little insurance. An Each Way bet essentially means you are betting twice (and are therefore paying double), so that if your choice comes second instead of first, you still pick up a win. 

This greatly enhances your chance of winnings, but you do have to pay for that chance. It’s one of the most popular betting slips for Horse Racing, although it can be used on many other sports where there are multiple winners possible. 

The great thing about Each Way is that it can keep you interested, even if your bet slip is unlikely to win outright. 

Complex bets

While there are other wagers you can add to your betting slip that are simple, here are a few of the more complex ones for the more experienced or adventurous of you.

A Trixie is a bet in two parts. These are three doubles and one treble. You will only get a win if two of these come through. 

A Yankee is even more complex, as it’s made up of six doubles, four trebles and one accumulator … yeah, it can get that creative.

But things can get even more complicated, with some online casinos offering the Goliath! Like the name suggests, this is a huge bet made up of many parts, 247 of them in fact. They include doubles, trebles and accumulator of fours, fives and even sixes, sevens and eight-fold bets. The good news is you will get some of your winnings back if just two of these come in. 

Betting in-play

A different type of betting slip are those that you can use while the event is occurring. These bets are in-play as they happen, you’ve guessed it, in-play. While these bet slips don’t offer the same range of bets as you might see before the event starts, they do have some features that are unique to them.

This type of betting can be exciting as everything is moving so fast, with many preferring to place many small bets during the event rather than one large one before. Both types of bet slips will usually come with the option to cash out during the event, adding another fast-moving aspect to the fun. 

The last thing you should know about your bet slip

All betting slips should give you the chance to adjust or delete the bet before you apply the wager, so there’s always the chance to back out or change it as you go. As with any type of gambling, taking a minute to think through your spending.

All betting slips for the online casinos listed above will offer the chance to pause for breath due to the apply function, which also means you are unlikely to bet by accident.