AT1 tap issue

SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge («the Bank») has mandated SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge Markets to explore a possible tap issue in AT1 bond ISIN NO0010807084 at a price of 100. The maximum size of the tap is set to NOK 30 mill.

In connection with the tap issue the bank will offer buy-backs of NONG66 (NO0010665342) at a price of 100,777.

The AT1 bonds will be perpetual with the first call option for the Bank five years from the settlement date.

Contact persons in SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge:

CFO Rolf Eigil Bygdnes, tlf: +47 905 19 774

Head of Treasury Ronny Løvberg Sørensen, tlf: +47 971 05 220


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