UK oil and gas portfolio management to be a focus of the SPE London Conference and Exhibition

Event to explore the complex and challenging nature of the industry and how portfolio owners can better operate in this environment

London, UK, 13 May 2013 – The Society of Petroleum Engineers London Section (SPE London) today revealed further details of its upcoming conference and exhibition, which will explore the complex nature of the UK oil and gas industry and how owners, investors and operators can better manage UK portfolios in this climate.

The UK Continental Shelf is a mature oil and gas basin located in a challenging environment. Although the area has been largely explored and production has been in steady decline for over a decade, rival organisations still compete over an estimated 20 billion barrels.

The volatile fiscal policy that defined investment patterns in the first part of the last decade slowed progress to a crawl, but now, a coherent package of fiscal measures are delivering targeted investment incentives to unlock challenging field and incremental projects. This includes the introduction of a novel decommissioning relief deed, which will provide much needed stability to release capital for further investment.

The conference and exhibition will host a dedicated session on UK portfolio management and a series of keynote speakers will explore how these issues are shaping the industry. Participants will hear from senior figures as they discuss their perspective on the impact of the new fiscal package on investment, as well as the Access to Infrastructure working group.

Simon Toole, Head of Licensing Exploration & Development, DECC will discuss incentivising marginal projects; Mark Tandy, Commercial and Exploration Director, TAQA Bratani, will speak more generally on the opportunities and challenges in the UK and Christopher Coombs, Associate Director, Oil & Gas Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets will provide a financier’s view on the industry.

“These are exciting but challenging times for investors in the UK oil and gas industry,” said Renu Gupta, Chair of the SPE London Conference. “This event will interrogate the issues blocking investment and discuss current and future opportunities. Our keynote speakers are industry leaders and they will undoubtedly lend valuable insight into the developments that will shape the industry for years to come.”

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About SPE London Conference

Situated at the heart of the global financial sector, London’s prime location and investor profile attracts international oil and gas companies seeking to raise capital to fund North Sea and global opportunities and portfolios. The SPE London Section launched its first two-day annual conference in June 2012 with the purpose of bringing together key members of the oil & gas and financial community. Following the overwhelming success of the inaugural conference, SPE London Section is now organising its second event titled ‘Managing Oil & Gas Portfolios in Uncertain Markets’, to be held on 22-23 May at Savoy Place. The conference programme targets senior industry and City professionals working in sectors including corporate finance, asset acquisitions and divestitures, corporate mergers and acquisitions, investment analysis, equity research, portfolio management, business development, and valuation of oil and gas assets. For more information go to or follow the conference on Twitter: @SPElondonconf 

About SPE London

SPE London Section is part of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), a not-for-profit organisation devoted to the safe and efficient exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas resources. With more than 104,000 members worldwide, it is one of the largest industry organisations globally, and works closely with government, institutes and academia to advance the learning of its members in all aspects of the industryincluding offshore and onshore, nationally and internationally. SPE plays a pivotal role in setting out standards and guidelines for the estimation and auditing of reserves and resources for statutory reporting and financial purposes. Our members are active in all walks of life within our industry and hold cross-disciplinary seminars with our many colleagues across many institutes and organisations. SPE London Section has more than 2,500 members, several student chapters, and a very strong board, and aims to enhance the industry experience and help people achieve their true potential. For more information go to

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