SpectraCure files for a new patent

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SpectraCure has filed for a new patent to the European Patent Office, the patent covers a new technology to improve the company's IDOSE technology. The IDOSE technique is at the heart of the company's method of treating prostate cancer with photodynamic therapy (PDT). In short, the technique implies that the prostate tissue is monitored during treatment with a series of different measurements to ensure that the correct dose is given so that the tumor is eliminated but healthy surrounding tissue is not damaged.

"The precision of IDOSE is already very good," comments SpectraCure's CTO Johannes Swartling. “However, we are always working on developing improvements that lead to even better precision, especially in situations that are difficult to predict and that may arise during treatment. For example, bleeding tissue that could affect how the laser light from our equipment is conducted into the tissues. The new technology that we are now seeking for patent protection can detect and compensate for such bleeding in a better way than before.”

No new hardware needs to be introduced into SpectraCure's equipment to use the new technology, the improvement can be made in the existing equipment with an upgrade of the software.

The patent application has first been submitted to the European Patent Office, and after examination it will be transferred to the PCT phase, which is a way to coordinate patent reviews for all the world's countries.

For further information, please contact:
SpectraCure AB publ, CEO, Masoud Khayyami, phone: +46 (0) 70 815 21 90

Certified Adviser is G&W Fondkommission, e-mail: ca@gwkapital.se, phone: +46(0) 8 503 000 50 

This information is information that SpectraCure AB is required to disclose under the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was provided, through the contact of the above contact person, for publication on April 5th, 2019.

SpectraCure in short

SpectraCure was founded in 2003 as a spin off from Lund University departments for medical laser applications and physics. The company focuses on cancer treatments using medical systems with laser light sources and reactive drugs, which is referred to as "Interstitial Photodynamic Therapy", PDT, a treatment methodology suitable for internal solid tumours of various kind, e.g. prostate and abdominal salivary glands, but also other indications such as cancer tumours in the head and neck region



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