This is very important for SpectraCure, both strategically and commercially. We see interesting opportunities to bundle the delivery of the drug and the consumables required for our treatment and thereby, in addition to revenues from the Q-PRO platform itself, also build revenue streams from the drug.
Johan Folkunger, CEO SpectraCure
The new system now completely replaces the previous one in the ongoing clinical trial. The approved system is much better adapted from a business standpoint, as it is both easier to use and cheaper to manufacture.
Johan Folkunger, SpectraCure's CEO
This new patented technology makes the system smaller, simpler and cheaper to manufacture and maintain. In addition, it also provides a potentially better clinical performance. This new patent means that we are renewing the patent protection for SpectraCure's basic technology, which is very important for the company.
SpectraCure's CEO Johan Folkunger
The integration of MedCom's imaging technology and SpectraCure's IDOSE® system improves the treatment and facilitates the treatment process. The workflow becomes easier, as the placement of the needles in the prostate becomes smoother, and it will also become easier to achieve a higher treatment precision. In addition, the time for patient treatment can be shortened.
Johannes Swartling, CTO
I enjoy being able to showcase the Company and our operations, and I look forward to developing the Company further together with the new Board.
Johan Folkunger, CEO of SpectraCure
I am pleased and proud to have been elected Chairman of the Board of SpectraCure, and look forward to working with the Company to prepare the commercial phase of SpectraCure's IDOSE® system and platform. I am convinced that we can build a successful Company together.
Jörgen Wennberg, Chairman of the Board
I would like to thank Masoud Khayyami for his dedicated long engagement in the company. He has during more than a decade devoted his life to SpectraCure as a board member.
Ingemar Kihlström, Chairman of the Board SpectraCure AB
I will remain in an advisory role. My strong commitment to the company will continue and I will closely follow its further development.
Masoud Khayyami, CEO and Member of the Board, SpectraCure AB
I am very pleased that Homer Pien, most recently Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer of Philips’ Precision Diagnosis cluster of businesses, has accepted the nomination to the Board of SpectraCure
Ingemar Kihlström
I am honored and excited to be nominated as a Board member. Photodynamic therapy holds tremendous potential for localized and precise treatment of certain types of cancers, and I am delighted to join and support SpectraCure on its journey to add yet another weapon in the fight against cancer.
Homer Pien
SpectraCure is on the verge of commercialization, a new exciting step in the company's development. Johan Folkunger has a solid background in this field and is recognized as a very driven professional. With his experience in business development and leadership and his knowledge about how to move a product from the stage of development to commercialization, he will be an essential contribution to our team for the next phase of the company's development. I am very pleased with this recruitment.
Ingemar Kihlström, SpectraCure’s Chairman of the Board
I look forward to continuing the development of the company together with SpectraCure’s team and Board of Directors, building on the solid foundation laid down thus far. The need for cost-efficient and low-impact cancer treatments is great, and the company's treatment system has a significant potential. I look forward to being part of the company's journey moving forward.
Johan Folkunger
Masoud Khayyami, who has acted as CEO until now, continues his ownership and will remain in the company through his seat on the Board of Directors. The company thus continues to benefit from Masoud’s strong commitment, wide network of contacts and unique entrepreneurship. This is a major asset.
Ingemar Kihlström, SpectraCure’s Chairman of the Board
I welcome Johan Folkunger to the company and look forward to playing a continued part in the company's development - but now in a new role, as a very active member of the board and owner.
Masoud Khayyami
I am pleased with the strong support from both existing and new shareholders in the Rights Issue. The net proceeds from the completed issue provide SpectraCure with the financial resources needed to finance the preparation for and completion of a Phase 3 clinical trial, regulatory preparation for the FDA application for accelerated approval, and for the initiation of new clinical indications. Our ambition is to have our treatment approved in the European as well as the US market within two years and I look forward with confidence to our dedicated continuing work towards this.
SpectraCure's CEO, Masoud Khayyami
I am very pleased that the UK and Canadian authorities have approved our new extended study protocol. We have now taken another important stride in our clinical effort, and the approval widens the range of patients that can be recruited for treatment.
Masoud Khayyami, CEO of SpectraCure
It is good that focus is given to cancer forms, and that new alternative hormonal medications are introduced that are able to extend survival of the men afflicted by prostate cancer. At present, hormone treatment is often the only option available for patients developing recurrence. SpectraCure is working to shortly launch a therapy with actual capacity to eliminate the tumour in the prostate and offer the patient a healthy quality of life, with reduced risk of common adverse effects such as incontinence and impotence.
Johannes Swartling, CTO of SpectraCure
The need for prostate cancer treatments is severe and is increasing year by year. Approximately 600,000 patients are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the US and Europe every year. We are thus also considering primary prostate cancer to be a future potential indication for the treatment, with considerable market potential.
Masoud Khayyami, CEO of SpectraCure
SpectraCure stands strong as a company and the activities in the clinical study have been adapted to the current situation.
Masoud Khayyami, CEO of SpectraCure
The things under our control are in order, such as the development of our software and hardware, and work is proceeding according to plan. We are supporting the study coordinators and we are trying to facilitate their work with the clinical trial. Our close contact and good cooperation will hopefully result in an accelerated patient recruitment when the outbreak eventually fades. Patients in active follow-up remain in the study. To ensure patient safety, the follow-up of patients is conducted over the phone, and blood samples of patients are taken by their general practitioners to the extent that it is possible to do so.
Masoud Khayyami, CEO
I am very excited about the study and look forward to start patient recruitment.
James A. Eastham, Chief of the Urology Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY, USA
It feels great to strengthen the competence within the company with a Clinical Project Leader who will, among other things, work on developing our already established contacts in the clinical studies, but also on developing new contacts,
Johannes Swartling, CTO SpectraCure
It is natural that Annika is part of the management team. Communication is an important component of the connection between vision, decision, leadership and executive. She has the communication skills and experience required and contributes with a communicative perspective in our joint work, internally as well as externally.
Masoud Khayyami. CEO SpectraCure
The employment of the Early Stage Researcher that is being funded by the EU is a welcoming addition to our already intensive development of IDOSE technology for prostate cancer treatment, and eventually other types of cancer e. g. breast cancer. In addition, it is a confirmation that our research is of high class. This type of grant is awarded in strong competition and is prestigious.
Johannes Swartling, CTO SpectraCure
The outcome is very satisfactory, and I consider this to be a confirmation that we continue to have the confidence of the shareholders. The proceeds from the issue ensures our estimated capital requirements for the continuation of the clinical trial, and we are looking forward to the result.
Masoud Khayyami, CEO
My hope is that SpectraCure's application for accelerated approval will be approved by the FDA. More patients with recurrent prostate cancer can then be offered our treatment.
Masoud Khayyami, CEO SpectraCure
The fact that we are able to move the trade to Premier is an important strategic step in our desire to facilitate institutional and international ownership of SpectraCure and eventually, in the future, a listing on the main list.
Masoud Khayyami, CEO
- The new role is also an important strengthening to our organization when it comes to PR and communications, Annika Andersson will strengthen and develop the market communication and I look forward to starting our collaboration.
Masoud Khayyami, CEO.
- I’m very excited to start my service at SpectraCure. The company is at a very interesting stage and I look forward to joining on SpectraCure's future journey.
Annika Andersson
Hopefully,we can release the new generation PDT system to be used in the clinical trials and possibly also fast track, after the authorities approval (FDA).
Masoud Khayyami, CEO
We are very happy about the good results in the phase-1 study! The fantastic collaboration between our partner clinics and employees has ensured that the study could be performed according to schedule and with clear results.
Masoud Khayyami, CEO.
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