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Dear shareholders, despite the fact that it is Christmas time, we are fully occupied at the office by implementing the plan we put in place almost six months ago. When I started at this company, one goal was more important than anything else; to make this company profitable.

What we have done so far

We have taken several measures to achieve our profitability target, and several of these measures have been communicated before.

  • We have slimmed down the organization, we are now fewer people but work three times as efficiently with development, implementation and sales
  • We have divested our unprofitable parts and increased our margins on our core business even more by charging more customized and optimized our offerings further
  • We have recruited a business development manager with an exceptional track record from Telenor to speed up our sales pace in Sweden
  • We have created partners and formed partnerships that will help us grow exponentially in the market
  • We have signed deals with large international clients
  • We have several good dialogues going on with future partners and international clients
  • We have also communicated our plans to make strategic acquisitions in order to sharpen our offerings to our customers and create synergies

Growth costs

When we sat in the management group six months ago and drew up the strategic plan going forward, we faced two different choices. To continue at the pace, we had progressed so far. Or aim to take a significantly larger place in the market. We chose the latter. We set up a new plan for our business model, we started meeting new customers, bigger customers, and we decided we wanted to play with the big players. Since then we have signed agreements with DHL and joined forces with Vonage Europe. Delivering a solution to these customers and partners requires a lot of time and resources. In addition, the partners we are still discussing with are larger than our existing partners. Resources for onboarding these partners and synchronizing our business models will, of course, in some cases be resource intensive. We also hold several acquisition dialogues with outstanding and award winning companies that can sharpen our offering and create synergies. For us, this means that we reach higher up in the value chain of our clients and create even higher profitability for us.

What awaits us in the future

I dare to say that today we have a stronger sales pipe than ever. With a new business development manager in place who knows the market and knows sales, we will capitalize on our dialogues even better than before. Continued dialogues are held with partners, potential acquisitions and customers even during the holidays ahead of us. Holidays abroad are not always the same as in Sweden.

Towards positive cash flow

Yesterday, we released the news that we now have the money needed to achieve our goals and future plans and also become cash flow positive. The fact that our largest shareholder lends us money on attractive terms for me to be able to execute on all of the above is the best Christmas gift I could have wished for. This is going to be magical!

I am looking forward to delivering you even more good news to our shareholders in a very short time.  Until then I wish you all a  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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