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Dear shareholders,

I made a promise a while ago to come back to you regarding Qbim and the tremendous potential we see in their product portfolio. Please read thoroughly and enjoy.

Qbim was founded and developed by former owner Hyensjö who started the company after having worked for several It-companies. Hyensjö had a dream of building a company offering services to their clients that outmatched every other competitor. Qbim has subsequently been recognized by various local business networks and has today contracts with some of the largest industries in Sweden.

Qbims revenue derives mostly from consultancy where the services are charged by the hour. The revenues from their SaaS solutions amounts to approximately 20% of their total revenues. This is where we see the large potential of the company. Being able to turn that division from 80/20 to 20/80 would mean we increase the value of the company tremendously as we increase sales and profitability.

Qbim has eight different solutions offered to clients, lined up below is aimed at both the public transport companies and private companies. By gathering data on the vehicle's position, lines and stops a real-time map for each region's public transport is delivered. This increases efficiency and our customers get an opportunity to manage their operations more sustainable.

Ski Analytics

SaaS Platform for digitization for ski resorts. Customers are found among the largest player in the market.

Supply Chain 4.0

Supply Chain 4.0 data is linked from different nodes in the distribution chain and makes it possible to search for and visualize available stock.

Supply Analytics SaaS Platform that creates the opportunity to optimize operations based on CPI values. 

Order Delay Prediction

In the service portal we look at patterns of historical data at suppliers to predict delays in the supply chain and forecast relevant events.

Retail Analytics

SaaS collects data from cashiers and business systems. Together with sensors that control flows in the shop we create visualization conversion rates

Machine Health

Create a predictive decision support that identifies machines that are likely to fail over the next day using AI.

Metal Price Effect

MBE can help you track your goods in the supply chain and set value based on the alloy and MBE controls incoming goods, stock and goods sold.

Several of these platforms are directly compatible with our platform Prism. Having these exported to Prism rather than using external vendors tools will save us significant amount of money. Qbims programs have required numerous years and resources to develop, enhance and optimize. Time has come to really capitalize and benefit from these platforms. We are now investigating on which of these platforms will remain in the portfolio and consolidated into Prism and which will be packaged, bundled and divested. In fact, the first initial negotiations on divesting one of the platforms have already taken place with a potential buyer.

Last month Qbim was also appointed to engage with the analytics and visualization program regarding the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 and the afterbirth of its consequences for the health care system. Qbim is contracted by one of the regional healthcare providers. Truly a strong acknowledgement of the paramount competence within Qbim team and an opportunity to increase our engagement within the public health sector on a national basis.I see great potential with Qbim. Increasing license revenues are of great value and will bring us tremendous increase in value of our equity in Qbim. Being able to do so and thus change the ration consultancy/SaaS and at the same time increase consultancy revenues will furthermore support SpectrumOne in our turnaround journey. Qbim will also engage in our current and potential client cases and moreover add to our offer their competent analytic consultancy. Having Qbim in our portfolio have also increased our possibilities to secure contracts with much larger clients and international partners that may require consultancy resources.

For further information contact:

Hosni Teque-Omeirat

+46 70 225 18 77

Certified Adviser:
Mangold Fondkommission AB (556585-1267) 
Box 55 691 102 15 Stockholm 
Telefon: +46 8 503 015 50

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