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First, I would like to thank the board of directors for the trust that I have received. It’s an honor to lead such wonderful, competent, and driven employees. Even though Hosni left big shoes to fill, I will humbly accept the challenge and approach it my way with the utmost respect and passion for what we are about to achieve.

Hosni’s success in the transformation of Eniro is of great importance for us and will benefit all of us shareholders. This is step is just another one of us transforming, leading, and developing the Martech industry.

My first period in command will start by a walkthrough of our strategy together with our board, after that I will continue developing the plan to reach the goal to position SpectrumOne as the market leader in Martech. A goal, sat, enhanced, and thoroughly developed by the former management team. 

While we continue to identify the right acquisition and building on the steps taken, we will now enter a new phase that will focus on One SpectrumOne.

Our top priority in One SpectumOne will be People to recruit and retain the right employees, Customers to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and further increase sales. Customer offer to differentiate us by being able to offer our clients something completely unique.

The integration of operations has already begun between our subsidiaries, and we will now continue improving to create more synergies between our businesses in customer offers and execution. We are in the mid of take-off.

.With One SpectrumOne we will finally get the full synergies and benefits from combining our subsidiaries customer relations, knowhow, and platforms in order to truly get the best of every cornerstone in the company.

I am positive that this will not just give us a positive bottom line but also generate positive cashflow and continue the growth in topline. We are in mid take-off!

Furthermore, I am happy to announce that I am launching SpectrumOnes new management. I have appointed Peter Bergdahl (currently CEO of Ampilio, Bizwell and Trigger) who will take the role as Sales Director. And Simon Ekberg (currently the Marketing Director at Ampilio), who will take the role as Head of Marketing. Both Peter and Simon founded Ampilio and has a strong skill and experience in sales and marketing.

I am absolutely convinced that with Peter and Simon expertise onboard we are aligned towards One SpectrumOne. We will be able to continue to build the business model and customer offering that will continue to differentiate us from the industry and make us unique. To mix our strong Market knowledge with our strong data obsession makes this a truly interesting journey

We will also, through our new management team, be able to allocate positions for marketing, sales and tech for example key account management and cross selling.

I am now looking forward to a bright future and expecting deals to be closed with new strategic customer with the full SpectrumOne portfolio. Thank you, and more to come.

For further information:
Johan Holmberg
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About SpectrumOne AB
SpectrumOne is a leading technology company delivering an advanced Data Management, Analytics & Communications platform suite. Offered in a SaaS online service shipping with rich market data from various professional providers, SpectrumOne provides a unique solution to many leading actors across industry segments in various countries. Enabling clients with fast and easy access to data insight and visualization coupled with powerful search, segmentation, and mapping features. SpectrumOne allows data to be quickly enabled and operationalized, driving activities from customer communication to data science supporting business analysis, strategy, and growth. All of which can be enabled the same day with immediate results. SpectrumOne´s headquarter is based in Stockholm, Sweden, responsible for Nordic sales and strategy, with additional sales and business development located in Norway, Finland, Belgium and Spain.  SpectrumOne is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm.