CEO Update and summary of 2021

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Before I recap SpectrumOne´s very eventful year, I must begin with a sincere thank you to all our committed and patient shareholders. Without you none of this would have been possible. And a special thank you to our staff, clients, and leaders for engaging in special ways throughout 2021. Managing the organizational growth, increased requirements to deliver better results consistently, taking ownerships of new and innovative service lines in our solution portfolio along with acquiring and supplying growing clients made for a truly transformative year. As we wrap up possibly the most intense year in the history of this company, I get to reflect on the strong, courageous, and dedicated people I get to work closely with, all of which have shaped our journey through 2021. I am mighty grateful.

And as excited of what’s to come of the events postponed to the coming year, as I am committed to advancing SpectrumOne´s legacy of leading and creating a disruptive business within Martech along with a data driven approach.


We have set ambitious goals on becoming he best Martech company in Europe. Having said that, it isn’t a surprise we believe there is a great value in owning Eniro, one the of the largest Martech companies in the Nordics, our home region. Although very little has yet been communicated regarding this holding it certainly is a perfect strategic move in order to help us reach our long-term goals, as time goes this will also become clearer for everyone. As the only industrial owner we now have the liability to support and guide the company into the right direction.

Data is key
Prism has long been the very core of our ideology where we believe data will lead the way to success. The cooperation and establishment of numerous partners is our choice of commercializing and developing our platform in the market. Our most recent partner Reaktion is as committed and passionate about data and the value in it as we are. Reaktion is data-driven communication agency and share the vision that only data can make a difference in the future of business. The partnership is a direct consequence of our decision of establishing a partner organisation in Sweden to lead and to serve from the head office in Stockholm. With an ambitious joint plan and roadmap for success I am convinced the partnership will render success in multiple verticals for the group of SpectrumOne.

Martech of Spectrumone

The Martech department of SpectrumOne, Ampilio, is continuously reaping success in the field of marketing. With a data-driven and innovative approach to the market the company breaks new ground basically every day.

Some of the initiatives taken by the company during the year

  • Setting strict targets on monthly growth and making sure to reach them
  • Increasing the size requirement of our clients to make sure we grow together with our client base
  • The past 6 months the company has increased its staff by 10 people
  • Reopening strategic sales office in Spain
  • Establishing an Amazon department to help clients through the Amazon processes and open markets all over the world
  • Developing, launching, and selling a SaaS platform in the field of education within Amazon Success Network
  • Organizing the first Amazon event in the Nordics, for more than 1000 people, together with Amazon and inviting Google and Facebook as participant at Oscarsteatern in Stockholm in March next year
  • Applying for a partnership with Amazon to become one of the first Amazon Preferred Partner in the Sweden
  • Strategic collaborations with complementary players in the industry of web- and app-development and AI to make sure we become and stay a high-end growth agency
  • Organic growth from the merger and launch of the New Ampilio from May 1 to September 30 of 42.5%. an ongoing growth.

None of the above would have been possible should we not have had dedicated, strong and truly forward leaning leaders with a true and accurate interpretation of the market turning into a data-driven phase.

A merger of success
The very same characteristics defines the people of the merged company Qbim 2.0 consisting of Qbim and Cemron in Finland. Ever since we returned from summer holidays the company has gone from strength to strength showing the way forward of consistent growth and increasing profitability by acquiring larger clients, working more efficiently, and delivering higher quality. Being able to bring existing customers to the higher value chain makes it possible to have longer and more committed customer relations leading to even more profitable business. The team has a clear goal to leverage on their experience to move Qbim 2.0 through its next phase of growth, as it continues its mission to empower every employee to deliver best-in-class services while developing and commercializing the existing platforms of Qbim 2.0 to truly make the shift to a truly digital SaaS-company.

From the ashes to the sky
Two years ago, this company was almost on the verge of bankruptcy. Not because we didn’t have a solution in place to commercialize, nor because the company lacked the experience of building organizations. But this company didn’t have a vision. With a strong goal and clear sight forward on our targets we have now come to a phase where we deliver positive figures, increasing growth, great margins on our delivered solution. After the last quarterly report, I wrote “Our best quarter ever. Let’s show how 2021 defines the growth of our company”. This journey continues.

First dividend to our shareholders

Thereto, we are in situation where we can make our first dividend ever to our shareholders. This is just another great milestone of many to come in the history of this company. Acquiring Observit to make sure Trafikportalen has an optimal home was nothing less than a great breakthrough. On that I wrote “Being able to find the great fit for Trafikportalen is a huge achievement for the team at SpectrumOne, and it is deeply satisfactory to be able to distribute this asset to our shareholders - as promised” We promised, and we delivered - as many times before. Although, my hopes of being able to do this in a much higher pace were dashed by the formalities and conditions affected by the history of the company. After that all the regulations were reviewed, the auditor given his opinion and applicable documents been prepared we finally could apply for the dividend at the decision-making authority. Yet another formality, but the most time-consuming, as declared in the recent press release. Keeping circa 20% of the company in the ownership of SpectrumOne makes sure the valuation will be what everyone expects on the day of listing.

And even though some things may take some longer time than announced, I am sure persistence will pay off - for every single one of us.

Once again, thank you. For your commitment, patience, and courage in believing in us - persistence always wins.

Merry Christmas!

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