Interim report Q1, 2022

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First quarter 2022

  • Net sales amounted to MSEK 24.1 (7.5)
  • EBITDA amounted to MSEK -1.8 (-2.7)
  • EBIT* amounted to MSEK -26.9 (-22.7*) 
  • EBT amounted to MSEK -28.3 (-27.4)
  • Earnings per share before dilutions amounted to -0.08 (-0.12)

Significant events during the reporting period

  • Ur & Penn chooses Ampilio, subsidiary of SpectrumOne, as partner to execute EU expansion via Amazon
  • Qbim, subsidiary of SpectrumOne, has qualified for becoming one of the preferred suppliers of Business Intelligence services to Region Värmland
  • BellPal chooses Ampilio as full service Martech agency for growth prior to its listing
  • Ampilio signs Dutch company Vertellis BV for launching on Amazon Sweden
  • Ampilio, a subsidiary of SpectrumOne, signs with Danish company CS MEDICA A/S to execute on expansion
  • Ampilio opens up a sales and marketing office in South Africa
  • M Bilar Group increases heavily their marketing commitment to 3,615,000 SEK with Ampilio for 2022
  • Ampilio becomes global Service Provider Network partners with Amazon
  • Ampilio signs UK company 1st Light Ltd for launching on Amazon in the EU market
  • Extra ordinary general meeting decided on distributing 374 220 904  shares in Observit AB and approved stock option program in the same company

Significant events after the reporting period

  • SpectrumOne's main owner convert loan into shares
  • Ampilio signs partnership agreement with Atlas Copco
  • Google Digitalakademin has chosen to renew its collaboration with Ampilio

*including share of earnings from our associated company Eniro Group AB in depriciations and amortizations

CEO statement

Articulated by Cyril Northcote Parkinson, as part of the first sentence of an essay published in The Economist in 1955, Parkinson's law is the adage that "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion".

Elon Musk, richest man on earth once said. “Stop being patient and start asking yourself, how do I accomplish my 10-year plan in 6 months?” Having two weeks to complete an assignment, if you are you are like most people, you probably complete it the night before. Now, take that same assignment and set the deadline to the next day, one still probably find a way to get it done. The task itself hasn’t changed, one’s abilities hasn’t changed, so why can one now complete it so much faster? The answer is that one has just been forced to challenge the idea of what’s possible.

The powerful things you can accomplish and really reach your full potential lies in the incredible human ability to adapt and thrive in any circumstance.

We started SpectrumOne with an open mind, conducted serious analysis and sat extremely ambitious plans. None of it has changed, not the result of the analysis nor the grand plans of ours. What has been adjusted is the timeline for our goals. We are convinced we will reach the overall targets of ours; we just need to adapt to the macroeconomic events in order to do it. But the win will eventually come - everything we know points to a that direction.


Just 4% of companies reach an ARR of $1M in revenue, 0.4% make it to $10M, and 0.0X% to $50M

Most startups have an average of four years reaching $1M ARR, we are beyond this now and we are in a phase where our growth is scaling and our business increasing vertically and horizontally. Differentiated products, Prism-injected departments, class leading services and unique competence in certain areas has given us an exceptional position on the market.

Today, attaining $1M ARR is still considered by many as one of, if not the leading indicator a company has figured out how to win and retain customers, and that it is ready to scale. This scaling, in most cases mean, a sizable investment to multiply marketing and sales efforts. The fourth quarter last year we showed a tremendous growth, the past quarter we were able to even beat that, and also our cost base has substantially decreased.


The synergy effects between the companies through cross-selling and additional sales are beginning to yield results in new businesses. PRISM is now being being sold also by the Ampilio team to our largest clients. And PRISM is changing the way we conduct business in the Amazon-team, leading to more and larger clients. Furthermore, the Amazon-team is developing groundbreaking businesses based on the knowledge acquired by the PRISM platform. These are indeed interesting areas to have a close eye on in the coming future.

Overall, our Finnish subsidiary Oy Cemron AB is collaborating with Qbim AB as our business intelligence unit, while Ampilio AB is leading our martech unit together with the Trigger Company and Bizwell Sweden AB.

PRISM to Energy sector

It has been a very busy and eventful year for Cloud Explorers with a lot of exciting events both technically with the PRISM platform and commercially with our partners and direct sales. PRISM has grown its client base in the energy sector where we have some of our most long-standing clients such as Fjørdkraft and Ishavskraft. As the energy sector becomes more competitive making many initiatives to not only acquire but secure ongoing customers, PRISM is providing key features supporting target client acquisition and retention. PRISM has now also become adopted by international companies such as Rajapack supporting them with more sophisticated targeted tele-sales communication allowing for the creation of complex market segments in industry delivering and managing an audience for ongoing client acquisition. PRISM has in this case allowed for the provision of what would be very manually intensive audience creation and management in a fully automated manner allowing these deliveries to become commercially viable.

PRISM to Bank and insurance

We have also seen a large growth in the finance sector with increased use of PRISM by the insurance group Watercircles and PRISM has now been successfully adopted by the Orca bank group after a successful pilot they are now using PRISM together with Dun & Bradstreet prospect and analytic models identifying potential home loan customers, in seven of their banks. The platform is helping also with Facebook campaigns, and it is anticipated that further banks in the group will start to use PRISM. In a similar area Cloud Explorers together with Dun & Bradstreet have signed an agreement with Sparebank 1 Østlandet to deliver PRISM both for prospecting and analytics along with analysis of their own data. These are very positive growth in this sector as both belong to very large banking groups.

PRISM to Dun & Bradstreet

Cloud Explorers have also been working closely with Dun & Bradstreet implementing a full integration into their European CI API (Consumer Interface) allowing for both ad-hoc and continuous data wash and quality service available directly inside PRISM. This now means that PRISM can provide both an immediate access the Dun & Bradstreet next generation data quality services without the need for any development by new customers. But more importantly PRISM now can offer an easy migration path for the larger number of existing customers onto this new platform in a very smooth and quick manner.


In additional to this Cloud Explorers has entered into a Pilot project with a large European actor in order to evaluate and assess PRISM’s ability to offer data delivery services to many of their existing clients also to act as a data hub and catalog. We will report more on this soon as the pilot work completes, as we move into next steps.

Overall incomes in Cloud Explorers have grown in a positive manner already and we are very excited that the growth and potential we are starting to realize from the work and investments we have made to date.

As stated before, patience will eventually deliver even to the impatient.


For further information contact:
Hosni Teque-Omeirat , CEO
+46 70 225 18 77

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Aktieinvest FK AB (556072-2596) 
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