Interim report Q4, 2021

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Fourth quarter

  • Net sales amounted to SEK 23.1 (8.4) million
  • EBITDA amounted to SEK 0.3 (-7.2) million
  • EBIT amounted to SEK -75.1* (-15.2) million
  • EBT amounted to SEK -76,5 (-21.2) million
  • The Board of SpectrumOne has applied for the Swedish Companies Registration Office's approval to distribute 374,220,904 shares in Observit AB to existing shareholders

Full year

  • Net sales amounted to SEK 60.8 (14.8)  million
  • EBITDA amounted to SEK -6.3 (-14.9) million
  • EBIT amounted to SEK -147,2* (-38.6) million 
  • EBT amounted to SEK -157.0 (-25.6) million
  • Earnings per share before dilutions amounted to SEK –0,50 (-0,13)

Significant events after the reporting period

  • Johan Holmberg appointed new COO for SpectrumOne
  • Ur & Penn chooses Ampilio as partner to execute EU expansion via Amazon
  • Qbim becoming one of the preferred suppliers of BI services to Region Värmland
  • BellPal chooses Ampilio as full service Martech agency
  • Ampilio signs dutch company Vertellis BV for
  • Ampilio signs with Danish company CS MEDICA A/S
  • M Bilar Group increases heavily their marketing commitment to 3,615,000 SEK with Ampilio
  • Ampilio opens up a sales and marketing office in South Africa
  • Ampilio becomes global Service Provider Network partners with Amazon

*including share of earnings from our associated company EniroGroup AB as well as disposal of obsolete communication module in SpectrumOne platform


Being able to share the figures for the fourth quarter and the whole year of 2021 is a great satisfaction. We are growing in triple digits compared to last year by quadrupling the turnover compared to last year. Keeping the same growth rate would mean we are to reach a quarter of a billion for the current year. That is one remarkable growth - especially considering we had almost zero revenue in fourth quarter two years ago. Increasing our gross margins in this massive growth rate is yet another aspect worth mentioning about the operations.

I am really proud of us showing the operation is EBITDA positive for the quarter, not taken into consideration the depreciation and impairment of which a huge deal renders from the result in our minority holding Eniro.  It is our ambition to continue in the same pace regarding growth and profitability increase.

It is important to note that those depreciations and the impairment do not affect our cashflow and are as such only accounting maneuvers - we focus on the operations and the every-day business which as we show is growing rapidly.

The report for Eniro was released last week and was pretty much as expected. A stabile revenue with acceptable margins. A burdensome part of the result derives from the depreciation and impairment - a part that directly affects P/L of SpectrumOne but is non-affective to our cashflow.

Eniro is the most expensive holdings in the group. Having sat ambitious goals on becoming the best Martech company in Europe it isn’t a surprise I want to stress once again I believe there is a great value in owning Eniro, one the of the largest Martech companies in our home region. As mentioned previously, very little has yet been communicated regarding this holding, but it certainly is a perfect strategic move in order to help us reach our long-term goals. We have promised this will also become clearer for everyone. 

Hence, I want to announce that I am running for election in the board of directors. Before that, I am to be adjunct in the board - it’s time to make sure the company has a clear path ahead and that the focus from the management stays on the relevant activities in order to capitalize on the immense potential we see in the company.

The impact for Eniro being owner-controlled with a well-defined corporate governance will change the outlook for the company. It will also lean and align the perception of the operation for investors - two challenges not properly addressed by the company - making Eniro a great story never told.

We are the only industrial owner, and we now have the liability to support and guide the company into the right direction, moving it into the future - a responsibility we need to take with a steadfast mind and a bold strategy.

We have invested much time and many resources into packaging our solutions for Amazon business for our clients. This has become a tremendous success for small and larger clients, proving our solution is well fit for a large part of the e-commerce. The past weeks we have communicated just some of the newly onboarded clients to the business of both Amazon and marketing in general for Ampilio. Us being perchance the most data-driven Martech-company is paying off - our customers experience the value, and they can see the growth and market shares we make possible for them to acquire.

Amazon has grown into the biggest e-commerce marketplace and cloud computing platform worldwide. Amazon as a sales channel differs greatly from Sweden's largest sites Google, Facebook, and Instagram etc. By being both a search engine and a marketplace, Amazon combines the best of both worlds and most visitors both start and end their buying journey on Amazon.  

One of our most heavy investments in resources and capitalization is building up Amazon business to be fit for Amazon SPN. Being able to show the concrete services provided, proven track-record and a skilled organisation second to none have been just some of the requirements mandatory for being appointed and chosen to the Network by Amazon. We have now reached that stage, together with a committed team, where we are one of the first Swedish partners in this exclusive club. Appointed as a full-service agency also makes us one of few partners in the world with the full scope for Amazon. Having Amazon themselves promoting Ampilio and the services within the group is yet an additional step into our long-term of taking the European market with storm.  

It should be noted once again, that SPN partners worldwide have an average turnover that far exceeds the group of SpectrumOne, which indicates that the potential for additional growth is immense for the partners included in the network, an opportunity for SpectrumOne to capitalize on. Keep a close eye on where this opportunity is going.

I believe new approaches to actively generate sales will make the difference in achieving our goals in this changing business environment.

During the pandemic we have learned how to conduct business in new ways - without traveling, without attending physical events, and with far fewer face-to-face meetings. While the new normal has not affected all industries equally, the major disruptions it has triggered in markets, customer behavior, and ways of working and living, mark a historic turning point. Digital tools have helped us navigate this changing world, and many of them will continue to stay with us in the future. European Business Magazine develops on their website how the pandemic changed the way we will work in B2B sales for years to come.

The history of modern sales goes back to the 1950s, where salespeople sold products out of the back of their car. Every sales rep became their own mini business, and had to manage their own inventory, logistics and finance. That worked because they covered a dedicated market, but it did not maximize the efficiency of the sales teams. Starting in the 1980s, with the beginning of business technology coming to the fore, the role of salespeople started to evolve. The 2000s marked the beginning of digital transformation with a promise of new technologies should help salespeople spend more time in the field and with customers. With the use of software systems, productivity of sales teams was also increasing.

Today companies work with chats and multiple collaboration tools. Many of these tools came from B2C sales and marketing, where faster and more transparent customer interactions had already been developed.

Changes in the business environment are pushing our sales transformation. Today’s industrial customers learn about products on the web, in videos, tutorials, forums, and from reference customers long before they interact directly with salespeople.

We therefore need to play on these channels to strengthen proactive sales. As a result, workflows in new customer acquisition and business development are changing. Even though selling industrial products is not something that can be done by mouse click only, all these new demands triggered a pressure for transformation in our B2B sales.

Today, all prospect touchpoints can be tracked by modern CRM systems and stored centrally in a common customer relationship database. Figure below shows the many different sources of customer interaction.

One of our key points have been focusing fully on the sales and making sure our promise of growth is delivered. A key reason for us growing manifestly with over 400% since last year.

Neil C. Churchill and Virginia L. Lewis in Harvard Business Review elaborates on the different stages of a small business growth and the development of successful and less successful small companies striving for growth.

Imagining SpectrumOne was started when I stepped in as CEO, there are several powerful and some painful phases we have entered and passed that have enabled us to complete our business development and reach each new step with new courage and potent activities for continued growth.

  1. Existence
    We initially struggled to obtain customers and delivering our services, not mainly because our product properties but rather because we lacked the ability to structure and process our go-to-market strategy but also a strategy that required completion before execution.
  1. Survival
    Validating we could be a workable business entity we entered the second phase. While survival was still main goal of the company we grew heavily in size and profitability. Still, with a heavy focus on our long-term goals and filling the gaps in the market. navigated this by taking bold decisions on every upcoming obstacle on our way but never betray our goals.
  1. Success
    Having reached this stage we faced several options on where to head regarding the growth and stability of the company. It was fairly clear to everyone involved that our growth must continue. We didn’t initially aim for a stable company, nor did we change the path when reaching here - we wanted market dominance.
  1. Take-off
    Take-off ¾ What a promising word this is, intriguing and a load of anticipation. From trying to argue for ones raison d'être to Take-off in just over two years. Having the best sales and production teams in a defictionalized organisation convinces me we are now ready for this. A progressive impatience from my side is a driver to always delivering on goals for everyone involved yet making sure constantly taking calculated risks with a massive cost-control to keep our perchance market leading gross margins in the group. We are in the middle of the heat now and what is to become is so more captivating than what was. We are rising and aiming at making the big time.
  1. Resource maturity
    Having experienced rapid growth a company in this stage is forced to consolidate and control the financial gains. We are looking forward becoming a mature company leaving the take-off stage behind us, but we are committed to bring with us the opportunistic, entrepreneurial and go-getter attitude to the very last. I look forward talking more about this stage once reach it.

Having reached the Take-off stage is made possible by the structured way of building a company with coping with the short-term challenges and daringly aiming on our ambitious goals. Some of the steps identified for our given success is among others carefully conceptualized sales funnels before creation of it. Other steps mandatory for reaching to where we are, have been

  • Research the competition
  • Always open for identifying new opportunities
  • Building customer data and creating lists to be able to segment and diverge the communication
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Leverage global platforms and learn from the best when us building ours
  • Diversify our offer lineup
  • Build passive income streams
  • Acquire other businesses to complement our existing
  • International expansion by acquisition and organic growth and strategic investments

The one question taking most of my time and is what is it that means that some small and medium sized companies go on to become big companies, while most hit a growth plateau or even end up declining and going out of business? By illuminating this question to the very concrete basics of needs I have found a few ingrediencies in the journey to ensure our ongoing journey becomes a success story.

I have experienced that successful companies don’t just have good products and services; they innovate constantly to improve those products and services. We built this company on innovative ideas and opportunistic approach to our every challenge and opportunity. If relying on just few ideas for our business, our business would follow the lifecycle of that idea and sales would eventually mature and decline.

Access to markets
For us this means the global market. If we would limit our horizon to our local or national market, we would limit your growth potential. Exporting is hard, and risky, but if we want to become big, we need take that risk and invest in new markets, with bigger teams and bold investments.

Some figures show almost as many companies fail from running out of cash when trying to grow as do from running out of cash due to declining sales and losses. Global growth is expensive and cash intensive. To make sure we have access to the cash needed we need to manage our cash efficiently. Our investments show we have done a proper job here where most of our investments grow rapidly and by that, also the value of every idea, company, and business we control.

Leadership, people and process
I am fostered in big corporations where we had effective leadership, developed people and excellent business processes that we could replicate from location to location. Developing people, providing rewarding careers that mean that our organisation has a ready supply of future leaders already steeped in the culture, goals, and strategy of the organisation ready to be deployed to each new location we open are one key focus in forming the future organisation of SpectrumOne.

It is my role and personal responsibility to all of you shareholders to ensure our people are the best there are, and to indorse everyone to doing their very best to the best of their ability to deliver on every given goal.

I believe we have the team extremely well fit for this journey. I believe on every promise ever made and on delivering the best value to our shareholders, by ensuring we act as everyone in the team of SpectrumOne works for this as the company was solely their own.



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