M Bilar Group increases heavily their marketing commitment to 3,615,000 SEK with Ampilio for 2022

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M Bilar Group increases heavily their marketing commitment to 3,615,000 SEK with Ampilio, a subsidiary of SpectrumOne, for 2022 - a significant increase of over 110% compared to last year's contract.  

M Bilar Group sells and serves BMW and MINI, and is one of Sweden's largest BMW dealers in Sweden. They have facilities in Eskilstuna, Västerås, Örebro, and Borlänge. Their earnings development has been through a great trend during the years they have been working with Ampilio. The company has sales reaching approximately SEK 1,4 Billion annually and is seeing an unbroken trend of higher sales and better margins.

As a leading car dealer, M Bilar Group has good control of customers, customer loyalty and buying cycles. As a supplier of digital marketing to M Bilar Group, Ampilio will be met on sharp KPIs, besides how many cars are sold, also marketing cost per car sold and other relevant data. It places great demand on keeping a close eye on all media channels and optimizing the channels together to achieve budget and sales goals, and truly making great analysis of every action taken and the impact thereof. 

As the marketing channels are heavily increasing and often have different purposes, this is a workload almost impossible for a company to keep in-house but is most vital in a complete media plan. The purpose and objective are to keep this highly digital and automatic by using the organization of SpectrumOne for growth.

Ampilio have been working with M Bilar Group for about two and a half years now and have received increasing mandates and budgets. This was crowned last year when their then Marketing Manager terminated his employment, and the recruitment process resulted in M Bilar Group and Ampilio reaching an agreement where Ampilio would take responsibility of all the digital marketing for the company, with a strong focus on digital, analytics and growth. Which also led to significant cost savings, leading to M Bilar Group outperforming its competitors proving a digital and automatic way of work is the only way forward for a company that reaches to grow

Kasper Von Celsing, Sales director of M Bilar Group comments on the deal;
With Ampilio, we have found a partner who understands our business and industry, but also the challenges of the future as a car dealer. Our customer journey has changed completely in recent years and through Ampilio we ensure that we reach our customers at the right time with the right message throughout the digital buying journey for our customers. Further deepening the collaboration with Ampilio for 2022 is just the right move for us”.

Simon Ekberg, Project manager for M Bilar Group at Ampilio continues;
Having been the project manager for M Bilar Group for the last 2,5 years it feels great to get the acknowledgement for our work and result with broader partnership taking responsibility for almost all their marketing their entire business”.

Hosni Teque-Omeirat, CEO of SpectrumOne adds;
Having a customer heavily increasing their spending with us is perhaps the strongest proclamation that our way of working works. Focusing on the digital, automatic, and analytical skills inherited by our cores is changing the way we are perceived and is making a huge impact with our customers. This is a great deal for us, showing our organization and our customers where we are heading - taking more responsibility for our customers and helping them in their growth journeys by using the whole spectrum of the competence within the group.  Our objective with every customer; create growth - because we do know more.”

For further information contact:
Hosni Teque-Omeirat, CEO
+46 70 225 18 77

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Aktieinvest FK AB (556072-2596)
Box 7415 103 91 Stockholm
Telefon: +46 8 506 517 03

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