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  • Qbim and Cemron, subsidiaries of SpectrumOne, hire new CEO to lead next stage of company growth and prepare listing of the merged company to eventually distribute to shareholders of SpectrumOne

Qbim and Cemron, subsidiaries of SpectrumOne, hire new CEO to lead next stage of company growth and prepare listing of the merged company to eventually distribute to shareholders of SpectrumOne

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Qbim 2.0, (consisting of Cemron and Qbim) the highly skilled BI and Analysis company with locations in Karlstad, Sweden and Tampere, Finland, today announced the appointment of Johan Holmberg as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Johan Holmberg brings proven company-building and deep go-to-market experience to high-growth service leader. Holmberg most recently served as Head of Business unit at Caverion, where he led the restructuring, growth and efficiency through a focused digitalization, launching strategic new solutions and building a world-class team to scale the company’s profitable growth. Holmberg will leverage this experience to guide Qbim 2.0 through its next phase of growth, as it continues its mission to empower every employee to deliver best-in-class services while developing and commercializing the existing platforms of Qbim 2.0 to truly make the shift to a truly digital SaaS-company.

Merging Qbim and Cemron will create a strong foundation of Business Intelligence and SaaS-focus for the industry in the new company and make sure the business transformation takes an even higher pace. The company already has experienced fruitful cooperation between the companies and under one company name this will be even more visible in our financials.

Over the past year Qbim has experienced tremendous development in their SaaS-focus and merging them with Cemron makes the ambition of taking them to the next level focus even more steadfast. Qbims offers a various of services in consulting and SaaS and has come to develop into a more industry, large corporation and public organisation centered supplier. While this transformation has made Qbim more competitive in the area it has also moved the company further away from the Martech business. Experience from Cloud Explorer has made it possible to truly make a shift and transformation of the company to an even more products emphasized business model. The mentioned transformation of the company  just makes the ambition of taking the company to the stock exchange even more logical. Qbim 2.0 is basically too competent to be just one of our departments.

The new company under the new leadership will have a clear goal and ambition of transform the company into a pure SaaS company, thus making the company ready to be listed on the stock exchange in Stockholm. Holmberg will be leading that transformation and journey together with his management team in the company. The ambition is to make sure this is executed on first half of 2022. The plan is to distribute the shares in Qbim 2.0 to our existing shareholders.

Johan Holmberg, the new CEO of Qbim commented on the news, “I am truly eager and passionate about the assignment of taking Qbim to the next phase of growth. Meeting with the company representatives I really was astonished by the high-level experience the two teams signify. The mission I have been given is a once in lifetime opportunity and I take this on humbly but yet with a great confidence of what we will achieve. Given the conditions and the people I will get to work with makes this job very interesting and I look forward to also further developing the commercializing strategy for Qbim. My experience in leadership and people management combined with my passion for digitalization makes this project a true fit for my personality. Having the opportunity to working for SpectrumOne while leading Qbim 2.0 to the stock exchange is yet another privilege I look forward to.”

Hosni Teque-Omeirat stated, “This is a milestone for the company, taking two of our developed and enhanced acquisition and giving them the leadership to even stronger focus on growth, business development and their niche industry. Johan Holmberg has a proven experience of building teams and focus on the right things on a company-building journey. He is joining right in time, and with the pipe of events in Qbim 2.0 we are making sure we have the right experience in place to execute on it and give the most value to our shareholders. I am also thrilled we will now be working for to transform, list and distribute Qbim 2.0 to our shareholders, with the ambition of making it happen the coming 12 months.

For further information contact:
Hosni Teque-Omeirat
CEO+46 70 225 718 77  

Certified Adviser:
Aktieinvest FK AB (556072-2596) 
Box 7415 103 91 Stockholm
Telefon: +46 8 506 517 03

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