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  • Today SpectrumOne acquired the digital marketing agency Amplio AB to be merged with SpectrumOne’s subsidiaries the Trigger Company AB and BizWell Sweden AB and becoming one company

Today SpectrumOne acquired the digital marketing agency Amplio AB to be merged with SpectrumOne’s subsidiaries the Trigger Company AB and BizWell Sweden AB and becoming one company

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Today SpectrumOne acquires the digital marketing agency Amplio AB. Ampilio is founded by the current CEO Peter Bergdahl and Simon Ekberg who will both be joining the group. The company is growing and maintaining a positive cashflow with many profitable synergies to be found with the rest of the group in SpectrumOne.

Ampilio will be merged with The Trigger Company AB and BizWell Sweden AB, becoming one company and making the foundation of the marketing part of the group. The new Company will be named Ampilio and led by the CEO Peter Bergdahl. Ampilio is an innovative and highly business oriented digital media agency with offices in Västerås and Örebro. Their aim to make their clients more customer focused has led to many significant wins on the market for the company.

SpectrumOne has ambitious plans to escalate business and expand to the European continent. While offering an easy SaaS service shipping with rich market data from various professional providers through Prism we haven’t so far had enough of execution power to lead our clients in their digitization journey. With Ampilio merged with the current companies of The Trigger Company and BizWell we gain a greatly experienced team that has the experience to be our client consultants. The agency will be able to offer both digital services but also the power of direct marketing linked to the visualization of all types of data with the help of Cloud Explorers and Prism. The Martech industry is experiencing a high demand for digital solutions yet the supply of those are not being invented nor offered by conventional marketing agencies, but from new and upcoming much more agile companies. To merge the three companies secures a stronger position on the market and the new company will have the strength and innovative power to take the lead in innovation within Martech. The European expansion is a high priority for the company and soon we will re-open the Spanish office in Marbella for the new company. Clients of Ampilio now can get the advantage from having Prism in their marketing agency’s portfolio and thus experience the benefit from it making it a strong USP for acquiring clients. Moreover, being able to truly become an omni-channel for marketing departments is a very important lift benefitting all three companies in the new company of Ampilio.

I believe Ampilio are true heroes in the Martech industry with the right customer focus built on a team and a company culture that always looks for to create value for customers. The synergies will ensure a speedy implementation and will make this a very strong team. 

Hosni Teque-Omeirat CEO of SpectrumOne commented on the acquisition “With Ampilio joining SpectrumOne we get now the possibility to strengthen our position take an additional step in the value chain with our customers. To merge the three companies will make sure we have strong foundation of innovative, forward leaning and highly customer centered company ready to expand to Europe with a unique and broad services portfolio second to none”.

Peter Bergdahl, CEO of Ampilio “I am super excited and looking forward to joining SpectrumOne and merging the three companies to truly be able to meet the new demands on the market. Having the opportunity to take on a position where the new Ampilio will approaching the market with a broad omni of services is a dream come true for us at Ampilio and I am convinced the new Ampilio is better equipped than many competitors to take on the growing and transforming demands on the market for new, digital and innovative solutions. We have built a company aimed for being the most customer-centered and transparent agency on the market. Together with The Trigger Company and BizWell we get new the base to execute and even more efficiently make the expansion to Europe”.

Latest public figures for Ampilio show about 12 MSEK in revenue and approximately 2.5 MSEK in profit before taxes. The company has in average an annual growth of 20%.

Under the share purchase agreement Spectrumone AB will acquire 100% of the shares in Ampilio AB from the existing owners for a total purchase price of SEK 10,000,000. The purchase price will be settled by SEK 8,000,000 in cash and 2,000,000 in shares by setting off a sales credit of the same amount in SpectrumOne at a subscription price of SEK 2.11 per share. The subscription price has been calculated using the average price for the last 20 days of trade of SpectrumOne’s stock on Nasdaq First North Growth Market The cash part of the purchase price will be settled in two instalments. The first instalment amounting to SEK 5,000,000 is to be settled on the closing of the transaction together with the share consideration on closing date April 30, 2021, while the second instalment will be settled on or before April 30, 2022. The shares to be issued as consideration are subject to a lock up clause for a period of 24 months. Through the directed issue of shares in accordance with the share purchase agreement, the number of shares in the Company will increase by 947,867 shares and the share capital will increase by SEK 94,786,70. The acquisition is conditional upon customary closing conditions and legal due diligence. Closing is expected to take place on April 30, 2021.

For further information contact:

Hosni Teque-Omeirat , CEO

+46 70 225 18 77


Certified Adviser:

Aktieinvest FK AB (556072-2596)

Box 7415 103 91 Stockholm

Telefon: +46 8 506 517 03



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