Digital Agency Gaffla chooses Bidbrain

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Digital agency Gaffla chooses the AI tool Bidbrain, to optimize its customers' advertising in Google Shopping. This means that Gaffla can provide its customers with significantly better results, more efficient work, and deeper insights. For Bidbrain, this means that more e-commerce customers, through Gaffla, are using Bidbrain.

Bidbrain, an easy-to-use SaaS platform for both e-retailers and agencies that acts as a plugin for Google Ads. Initially, the e-retailer is offered a free AI analysis, where Bidbrain analyzes the current bid patterns. When the bidding service is activated, the choice is made which ROAS (Return On Ad Spend, return on advertising cost) you aim for your advertising, and Bidbrain focuses on generating as much sales or profit as possible for the desired return.

The Bidbrain service is now open for partnerships, where digital agencies and other players, via a reseller model, can offer Bidbrain to their customers. Performance agency Gaffla is one of the first agencies to use Bidbrain and thereby be able to streamline and improve its offering.

Gaffla is a tactical and strategic specialist agency in search marketing, with a business concept to strengthen the market presence of companies with growth ambitions. Since 2018, Gaffla is a certified Google Partner agency and a certified Google CSS partner.

Fredrik Rosenborg Gaffla's CEO:
Today, efficiency and insights are two of the most competitive qualities of a performance agency. By teaming up with Speqta Bidbrain, we not only ensure that we become more efficient in our work, but also that we can acquire insights more quickly.

Bidbrains CEO Malin Blomberg:
We are extremely pleased that Gaffla, a certified Google CSS partner, is choosing our service, in order to optimize its customers' Google Shopping ads. This is proof that digital agencies also benefit greatly from our technology. We currently have several customers via Gaffla and are looking forward to continuing to develop the partnership.

For more information, please contact:

Malin Blomberg
CEO Bidbrain/AdTech
+46 701 15 14 44

Fredrik Rosenborg
CEO Gaffla
+46 767 64 01 94

About Bidbrain and Speqta
Bidbrain is part of Speqta AdTech, within Speqta Group. Speqta offers the best performance-based leads generating platforms, using data and AI and shall grow both organically and through acquisitions, in new and existing markets. The company has two business areas, Speqta AdTech and Speqta Content & Comparison. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market, in Stockholm under the name “SPEQT”.





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