Information of restructuring Optimizer Invest Ltd shares in Speqta AB (plc)

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As communicated by Optimizer Invest on the 21st of December 2018, Optimizer Invest is currently restructuring its assets and holding companies, and in connection with this, all listed and regulated holdings are distributed to its shareholders. Optimizer Invest now distributes all its shares in Speqta AB (plc) to shareholders Andre Lavold, Henrik Persson Ekdahl and Mikael Riese Harstad. 

Once again, Optimizer Invest and its shareholders want to make it clear that the re-organization and transfer of shares (i) will not in any way affect Optimizer Invest’s commitment in any of its holding companies and (ii) is strictly made for administrative purposes. Optimizer Invest and its shareholders have a long-term, active, and strategic shareholder perspective in Speqta AB (plc).  

Following the restructuring, Optimizer Invest shares in Speqta AB (plc) will be held by André Lavold, Henrik Persson Ekdahl and Mikael Riese Harstad going forward. As a shareholder group, they hold approximately 29.8 percent of the shares in Speqta AB (plc).

The information was submitted for publication 30 of August 2019 at 10:00 CET.

Media Contact: 

Fredrik Burvall
Chairman of the Board, Speqta AB (plc) 
+46 (0) 709 279 632

Petter Moldenius
Optimizer Invest Ltd
+356 99352694 

About Speqta
Speqta is a digital media house that owns and operates a leading international advertising network as well as several digital products and services within the performance-based marketing of e-commerce stores. Speqta has two business areas: Speqta Shopping and Speqta Food & Beverage. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier in Stockholm under the ticker "speqt."

The company's Certified Adviser is Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance AB, telephone number: +46 40 20 02 50,



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