Mytaste Group signs new exclusive agreement with Expressen

The expanded collaboration with Expressen means that Mytaste Group now handles Expressen's services in the field of personal finance, discount offers and odds/ gaming.

MyTaste AB (publ) (Mytaste Group) has today signed an exclusive agreement with Swedish media house Expressen to become the sole provider of services regarding performance-based marketing for the newspaper's comparative service at The agreement entails an extension of an existing collaboration and includes that Mytaste Group provides technology in comparison for odds and gaming.

Since 2017, Mytaste Group and Expressen have a collaboration agreement relating to consumer discount offerings aimed towards Expressen's readers at the domain After that, the collaboration has been expanded to include private finance services through the domain The collaboration is based on Mytaste Group operating subdivisions with ads and comparison sites, which in turn generate traffic that is converted to customers. Mytaste Group then charges a performance-based fee.

When Expressen now chooses Mytaste Group as an exclusive partner for their new initiative, this means that both parties create another potentially strong digital revenue stream and broaden both companies’ offering.

Andereas Friis, CEO of Mytaste Group, comments:

”The fact that Expressen, one of Sweden's largest news sites with over 2,2 million unique daily visitors, wants to expand the collaboration with Mytaste Group is an immense compliment. Now we take a complete approach to handling Expressen's subdomains and involve ourselves in yet another vertical, a vertical that we see as the most lucrative of the three we cooperate in.”

Kenneth Eriksson, business developer at Expressen digitala medier, comments:

“We are pleased that our successful cooperation with Mytaste Group can now grow in more areas and we look forward to launching another vertical together.”

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