Optimizer Invest exercises warrants in Speqta

Through announcement to Speqta AB (publ), formerly myTaste AB (publ), Optimizer Invest Limited has called for its right to exercise all outstanding warrants and thereby increase its ownership interest in Speqta AB (publ).

On November 7, 2018, Optimizer Invest Ltd became the largest shareholder in Speqta AB (publ), and by utilizing its warrants, it strengthens its ownership share with an additional 5,084,746 shares and adds Speqta AB (publ) an additional SEK 15 million. 

"It is positive that Optimizer Invest continues to invest in Speqta, and we further strengthen our balance sheet, which creates good conditions for continued strong growth. We have a common high goal, and I look forward to continuing to strengthen our existing business and at the same time increase the acquisition rate", says Andereas Friis, CEO of Speqta AB (publ).

"We have followed Speqta for another period and are impressed with the company's development and prospects. By further strengthening our position in Speqta AB (publ), Optimizer Invest creates the conditions for forming a platform for operations in performance-based marketing. Our ambition is, together with the board and management, to significantly increase the company's growth rate, especially in verticals that complement our current portfolio companies," says Petter Moldenius, CEO of Optimizer Invest Limited. 

The subscription price for the warrants amounts to SEK 2.95, which is based on the volume-weighted average price paid for the company's shares on Nasdaq First North's official price list during the period from October 8, 2018, to November 2, 2018, with an agreed premium. 

Per the agreement, Optimizer Invest Ltd has chosen to sell 955,799 shares to employees within Optimizer Invest, and after the transactions, it has 10,991,692 shares, which corresponds to an ownership interest of 28.8 percent. 

After registration with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the number of shares and votes in Speqta AB (publ) increases from 33 105 971 to 38 190 717 shares and votes and the share capital will amount to SEK 19 095 358,5. 

Media Contact: 

Andereas Friis
CEO / Founder Speqta AB (publ)
+46 (0) 739 944 670

Petter Moldenius
CEO Optimizer Invest Ltd
+356 99352694 

Webpage: optimizerinvest.com  

About Speqta (former Mytaste Group)
Speqta is a digital media house that owns and operates a leading international advertising network as well as a number of digital products and services within performance-based marketing of e-commerce stores. Speqta has two business areas: Speqta Shopping and Speqta Food & Beverage. The company is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier in Stockholm under the ticker "speqt". 

Arctic Securities is the Company's Certified Adviser, telephone number: +46 8 44 68 60 87,


About Us

Speqta is a digital media house headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, which excels in scalable and auto generated web products. The concepts behind the products are language independent, which means that they can be applied on a multinational level and are today represented on almost fifty markets spread out all over the world. Among the brands you find Shopello.se, Matklubben.se and AllaAnnonser.se. Speqta AB (publ) is listed on Nasdaq OMX First North Premier under the short name SPEQT.


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