Spermosens appoints an Advisory Board

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Spermosens AB (‘Spermosens’) announces today that the company is reinforcing its organization and appointing strategic leading to include industry experts in an Advisory Board.

Following a need of assuring the continuous influx of clinical and scientific information in Spermosens’ products, the company is now pleased to introduce its newly appointed Advisory Board. Comprised of Spermosens’ management and scientific experts within the fields of IVF and fertility, the Advisory Board will bring relevant scientific and clinical aspects into discussion, bridging the company and the end users, by better understanding scientific advances as well as the market.

The following people will be included in the group:

*Aleksander Giwercman, Prof, MD, from Lund University and Reproductive Medicine Centre, Skåne University Hospital, is a clinical research specialist in Male Reproductive Function. His research focuses on reproductive aspects of cancer and cancer treatment in young males.

*Trine B. Haugen, Prof, from the Oslo Metropolitan University, is a specialist in Male Reproductive Biology and is currently involved in cutting edge research on semen analysis and epidemiological male infertility studies. She is also co-editor of WHO Laboratory Manual for the Examination and processing of Human Semen (Fifth Edition).

*Emir Henic, MD, PhD, from Lund University is a specialist in Reproductive Medicine and a clinician at the Reproductive Medicine Centre in Malmö, one of the largest In vitro fertilization clinic in Sweden.

*Claus Yding Andersen, Prof, from University of Copenhagen, is a specialist in Male Reproductive Function and the Head of the Laboratory of Reproductive Medicine at University Hospital of Copenhagen. An ESHRE (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology)-certified Senior Clinical Embryologist, he played an instrumental role in introducing In Vitro Fertilization treatments in Denmark.

“I am very pleased to welcome our IVF and male fertility expert advisers, to Spermosens’ Advisory Board. Aleksander, Trine, Emir and Claus will contribute their combined expertise, skills and experience in multiple areas. I look forward to our future collaboration, to create the best possible value for the company's strategic direction and influx of knowledge to further support the product development as well as various interest groups. I foresee valuable contribution which will directly benefit the patients, the IVF community, and the community of Spermosens Investors ", says John Lempert, CEO of Spermosens.

For further information, please contact:
John Lempert, VD
+46 (0)76-311 40 91


Spermosens AB (publ)
Spermosens, founded in 2018, develops medical devices for male infertility, to individualize and adapt In Vitro Fertilization treatments. The patent-pending technology is based on the discovery of the JUNO protein in egg cells by two independent research groups. Spermosens’ first product, JUNO-Checked, consists of two components: a measuring instrument with associated software, as well as disposable chips. The measuring instrument analyzes the sperm applied to the chip and finds out the binding capacity to the egg cell, which enables an individualized choice of appropriate fertility treatment based on the measured binding capacity.