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  • More sustainable SPINNOVA[®] materials available to consumers – Spinnova and Bergans expand Collection of Tomorrow’s anorak line

More sustainable SPINNOVA[®] materials available to consumers – Spinnova and Bergans expand Collection of Tomorrow’s anorak line

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The widely celebrated Collection of Tomorrow by Bergans and Spinnova now includes the 0.5B Anorak in a new color — “Wake Up Orange”. A long-awaited drop of the collection’s anoraks is now available and will be delivered to consumers with unique artwork by Norwegian artist Danny Larsen. The artwork poster celebrates Scandinavian nature and forest.

Collection of Tomorrow was launched in 2019 by Bergans and Spinnova. The sustainable outdoor collection that so far includes three commercial products aims to close the loop by making a fully circular collection. This collaboration pushed the boundaries of circular design since its inception. The very first product in the collection, a circular backpack, was awarded as “Sustainability achievement” by ISPO and “The best outdoor products of Scandinavia” by the Scandinavian Outdoor Award for its fully circular concept. The third product of the collection, 0.5B Anorak, was also awarded as the overall winner by the Scandinavian Outdoor Award.

- We consider The Collection of Tomorrow to be our most meaningful project, and one that’s too important to ignore. The newest attention-grabbing color in the collection underlines this message. It’s great to share “Wake Up Orange” and a new drop of the other colors with the consumers, who are eager to get their hands on this circular product. The anorak is one of our most popular products and we’re excited to introduce a new color this fall, says Bjørnhild Hoveid Steingrimsen, Product Developer in Bergans.

Like the previous anoraks, the new batch of anoraks has been treated with Halley Stevenson's innovation, EverWax Olive, which is a wax treatment based on olive oil and other plant-based wax types. This treatment without synthetic ingredients allows full recyclability of fabric, making the anoraks 100% circular.

With the new drop, consumers who have been waiting to purchase garments made out of highly sought-after SPINNOVA® materials will finally get their chance. SPINNOVA® is a new circular textile fibre that is made out of sustainably sourced wood or waste, without harmful chemicals. It produces 65% less CO2 emissions and uses 99% less water than cotton production (cradle to gate), sheds no microplastics and quickly biodegrades.

– It’s exciting to see consumers’ commitment towards sustainable products. We're thrilled to see our long-term strategic collaboration with Bergans continue, and have been looking forward to our next drop of circular products directly within reach of consumers, adds Janne Poranen, co-founder and CEO at Spinnova.

Spinnova is in the process of scaling its material production. The company’s long term business targets include producing more than one million tonnes of SPINNOVA® fibre annually in the next 10-12 years. In February 2021, Spinnova announced plans to build its first commercial factory in Finland to meet the growing demand for sustainable materials from global textile brands. The factory is expected to be completed at the end of 2022, and will produce SPINNOVA® fiber as a joint venture with Spinnova’s strategic partner Suzano, the world’s largest cellulose producer.

The anoraks are available on the Bergans Future Labs online store at

Emmi Berlin

Head of Communications

Spinnova – Sustainable textile materials, naturally

Spinnova transforms the way textiles are manufactured globally. Based in Finland, Spinnova has developed breakthrough technology for making textile fibre out of wood or waste, such as leather, textile or food waste, without harmful chemicals.

The patented SPINNOVA® fibre creates zero waste and side streams or microplastics, and its CO2 emissions and water use are minimal. SPINNOVA® materials are quickly biodegradable and circular. Spinnova is committed to using only sustainable raw materials such as FSC certified wood and waste.

Spinnova has received awards from e.g. by the Fast Company, ISPO, Scandinavian Outdoor, ANDAM, Monocle and Marie Claire UK.

Spinnova’s shares (SPINN) are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki First North Growth Market.

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Corporate & IR site: www.spinnovagroup.com