Spotahome exceeds €45m in contracts signed with landlords across the world

Real estate brokerage startup

  • Spotahome currently operates in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Spain, France and Italy.
  • The startup has gained the confidence of European landlords as they return to renting out their properties for residential use after laws governing vacation rentals have been modified by the governments of some member states.
  • Spotahome’s online residential renting services have become a trusted alternative thanks to the security guarantees offered to landlords and tenants.

Dublin, 27 July 2017 - Spotahome has realised over €45m in rental contract turnover globally since the Madrid-based company began its operations in 2014, when it rented its first residence out in less than two hours. More than 600,000 monthly users across the world use Spotahome’s services to find mid to long-term rentals for a minimum of 30 days.

The growing demand for residential lets, boosted by the introduction of strict measures governing vacation rentals in many EU countries, has led to an increase in the number of transactions over the last few months. The startup has increased its turnover by 29% between the first and second quarters of 2017 with substantial growth seen in Spain, as well as Berlin, Dublin, Milan, London and Paris.

With a portfolio of over 40,000 listed properties since its foundation, Spotahome’s 100% online real estate offering includes studios, apartments and university residences, as well as room rentals in shared housing.  65% of Spotahome’s real estate offering is located in the EU and the United Arab Emirates, and the remaining 35% is located in Spain.

Benefits and guarantees

Spotahome’s services are offered in accordance with the legislation in force in each country, with owners and tenants enjoying the security and rights set out in the regulatory framework. The company offers additional guarantees to safeguard owners in case of eventual contract cancellation, guarantee against payment default and coverage of home damages, but also to avoid multiple home visits thanks to its video tour system through high-definition videos. Spotahome also offers big benefits to tenants: doubt clarification in nine different languages, secured bank transactions through payment gateways, last minute cancellation insurance, floor plans, high quality photographic reports and narrated videos on the property for rent.

Beatriz García Cabañas |

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Created in 2014, Spotahome is a Spanish startup that offers a disruptive model that aims to revolutionise the real estate sector worldwide. Its marketplace offers the most complete listings of apartments, rooms, studios and student residences for residential renting for over 30 days through an online booking platform, with no visits, which allows tenants and property owners to save time and money. The Spotahome’s team is itself responsible for visiting and personally checking the properties published by the company. They take photos, record high-definition videos of the property and neighbourhood, create detailed floor plans and write honest descriptions. The company currently operates in 16 cities in nine countries, with over 200 employees of 30 different nationalities and 40,000 listed properties accessed by over 600,000 users per month on its website.


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