AktieTorget changes name to Spotlight Stock Market

We are very proud to present our new brand Spotlight. We are the marketplace that puts the companies in the spotlight and where investors have the opportunity to become share owners in interesting growth companies.

We have had a clear purpose since the start of AktieTorget 20 years ago - we want to help companies to grow. The foundation is, just like then, to offer a well-functioning marketplace where growth companies can raise capital to be able to grow in the pace they would like to. Investors are at the same time getting the opportunity to be shareholders in interesting companies. 

We know that it is not enough to “only” offer trading in a company’s share, there are more needs and wishes to fulfill. Our goal is to help growth companies to reach their full potential. 

The actors in our business has looked and talked the same way for a long time. With the name Spotlight we want to change that, we want to change the way people think about stock trading and listed companies. It is essentially a positive experience – companies get the opportunity to grow and investors have the possibility to follow the company on their journey.

For us, this is a strategic shift from traditional market place for trading in shares to becoming a stronger platform with focus on placing our growth companies in the spotlight. Our new identity is much more modern, fresh and clear and we are convinced that it will contribute to the understanding of our purpose with Spotlight Stock Market.

Since the start we have developed our services to be simpler, safer and more visible for companies to be listed with us. During the last year we have launched “in focus”, an extra safety for our newly listed companies. We are also offering extra media coverage and analysis for all our companies. We are soon launching our solution for the Danish market, and this fall we are presenting two new segments - one for companies on their way to listing and one for our larger companies. Our goal is to continue taking big steps forward.

För mer information, vänligen kontakta:

Peter Gönczi
CEO, Spotlight Stock Market
+46 8 511 68 00

Christina Ploom
COO and Head of Market Surveillance
+46 8 511 68 00



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