First day of trading in Aquaticus Real Estate

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Today is the first day of trading in Aquaticus Real Estate, which is active within the real estate sector. The company owns and rents out a property located in Sundbyberg in Stockholm.

The company’s property Sunbyberg Fröfjärde 3 has a total of 17 296 square meters lettable area and is rented to the company Xylem.

Aquaticus Real Estate acquired the property on July 1 2021 and the acquisition was partly financed through a recently completed capitalization of SEK 308 million.

The company is managed by Arctic Business Management.

“We are very happy to have acquired this modern property. The property is located in the fast-growing municipality of Sundbyberg in Stockholm. This, combined with its strong tenant, creates robust conditions for long-term stable cash flows for the Company's shareholders. We are now starting the work of creating a close and long-term relationship with our tenant.” says Christofer Östman, CEO, Aquaticus Real Estate.  

“Today, we welcome the real estate company Aquaticus Real Estate - another company managed by Arctic Business Management that is listed on Spotlight. We are happy that they chose us again and that the number of real estate companies on our stock market increase,” says Carl-Henrik Nordberg, Head of Listing, Spotlight.

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