First day of trading in Eevia Health Plc

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Today is the first day of trading in Eevia Health Plc. They offer bioactive ingredients extracted from organically certified and plant based raw materials.

The company has built processes, production protocols and procedures to deliver their ecological products to international customers across large parts of the world. The company was founded 2017 and has its headquarter in Finland.

“It is very exciting to list Eevia Health on Spotlight. Now, we can focus on profitable growth and creating value for our shareholders in the coming years.” says Stein Ulve, CEO, Eevia Health Plc.

In connection with the listing, Eevia Health Plc carried out a new share issue, which will give the company approximately 26,2 MSEK. With the offering, the company welcomes approximately 700 new shareholders.

“Today, Eevia Health Plc, a Finnish company in food tech, is becoming listed. The borders between the Nordic countries are about to be erased and you no longer choose a stock market based on which country the company comes from - you choose from where the investors are. Our vision of being a Nordic stock market with a Nordic offering is strengthened by welcoming Eevia Health Plc to Spotlight” says Carl-Henrik Nordberg, Head of Listing, Spotlight.

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