First day of trading in MoveByBike Europe

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Today is the first day of trading in MoveByBike Europe who are active within the transport and logistics industry. They offer transport services via self-developed electric transport bicycles.

The business is run via its own distribution networks and so-called city hubs. The customers consist of both private and corporate customers, with the greatest concentration around the big cities. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Malmö.

“At MoveByBike we have been working towards the listing for a long period and we are now looking forward to delivering on our communicated plan, meet set goals and operating in the listed environment. We are incredibly happy that so many have chosen to invest in MoveByBike and our business. This shows that we are a lots of people who want to be part of the journey towards a greener and more sustainable society. We reach the right target group, which gives us a clear receipt for the upcoming e-commerce expansion. Thanks to the capital we receive, our continued expansion in Sweden and the Nordic countries is possible. We are convinced of the company's potential and look forward to continuing the work of offering faster, more efficient and more environmentally friendly deliveries.” says Lisette Hallström, CEO, MoveByBike Europe. 

In connection with the listing, MoveByBike Europe carried out a new share issue, which will give the company approximately 16,52 MSEK. With the offering, the company welcomes approximately 515 new shareholders. “Today we welcome MoveByBike Europe. A company that not only offers environmentally friendly transport and logistics solutions, but also produces its own electric transport bicycle vehicles. With the ambition to help with the green transition in the big cities, it is a company that is right on time and it is the tenth company to become listed on Spotlight this year.” says Carl-Henrik Nordberg, Head of Listing, Spotlight. 

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