First day of trading in SolidX

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Today is the first day of trading in SolidX, a consulting company founded in 2001, specializing in IT and digitalization. SolidX vision revolves around always offering consultants freedom and flexibility, an attractive salary model and full transparency. The goal is to be the consulting company of tomorrow.

SolidX AB is a consulting company, founded in 2001, with a focus on IT and digitalization and acts as a competence and resource reinforcement for SolidX customers. SolidX is part of a group and currently has a subsidiary, Sekel AB. By offering its consultants more favorable terms than other competing consulting companies, SolidX has created a business that is subject to a steady growth rate, low staff turnover and a broad customer base. SolidX's concept and vision include being the best employer and the obvious choice for consultants. This means being an innovative employer who gives more to the individual consultant, based on the consultants' own wishes and ideas. The vision is to offer the consultants unlimited competence development, freedom and flexibility, an attractive salary model and full transparency.

“That so many have chosen to invest in SolidX clearly shows that there is a belief in us and our business. It proofs that we have a sustainable business model and investors see great potential in our growth journey. We are convinced that SolidX has a bright future and are pleased to continue our journey towards realizing our vision of being the next generation of consulting companies,” comments Filip Alexanderson, CEO and board member, SolidX.

“Today trading begins in SolidX and we wish the company a warm welcome to Spotlight. SolidX is an innovative consulting company with a focus on IT and digitalization. It will be interesting to follow their growth journey ", says Carl-Henrik Nordberg, Head of Listing, Spotlight.

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