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Today is the first trading day in Polymer Factory Sweden specializing in nanotechnology. The company develops polymeric materials that are used in various medical treatments.

The solutions are mainly used as a complement in various treatments for cancer and neurological diseases. In addition to the main business, companies offer calibration technology that is used in various analysis and food testing.

“We are proud and happy to see such great interest in the company during the IPO process, and we look forward to our continued growth journey as a listed company on Spotlight Stock Market. We are now ready to scale up the commercial activities to increase the use of Polymer Factory’s nanotechnological materials within pharma, medtech and biotech. We are happy to welcome our new shareholders to be a part of this journey – to realize Polymer Factory’s huge potential” – Elin Mignérus, CEO, Polymer Factory Sweden.

Polymer Factory's new share issue was subscribed to 687 percent of the offer, this including guarantors, and the company now has a total of 973 new shareholders.

“It is always a little extra exciting when trading starts in a company that has received so much interest before the listing. It shows that the company has been good at explaining its business - which is an important part of being a listed company” – Emelie Jarnesten, Head of Business Operations, Spotlight.

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