STENOCARE A/S on track with the planned offering of Medical Cannabis Capsules to offer Danish patients more choice in their treatment

On November 9, 2018, STENOCARE A/S (“STENOCARE”) announced its plan to expand the product portfolio with three medical cannabis capsule products. Today the company announces that the formal application for the approval of the three new products have been submitted to the Danish Medicine Agency. The capsule product is a new category that will offer the patients an optional dosage form in their treatment with medical cannabis. STENOCARE hope to be ready with the first shipment during late Summer 2019.

STENOCARE has since September 2018 delivered three different medical cannabis oil products to Danish patients. The company is still the only supplier under the Danish four-year trial programme that offers patients full spectre oil products with an oral dosage syringe.

Today STENOCARE announces that the formal application for approval of three additional medical cannabis products have been submitted to the Danish Medicines Agency. The products are CBD Capsules, THC Capsule and CBD/THC Capsules, that offer a new form of dosage in their treatment with medical cannabis. The three new products contain medical cannabis oil, and the capsule is vegan-based. This means that the composition of the capsule does not contain animal proteins.

Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg, CEO of STENOCARE, comments: 

“It is important for STENOCARE to offer physicians and patients a choice of products and forms of dosage. We know from more mature markets, that medical cannabis oil products are the most widely used form of dosage. However, we also see a growing demand for capsules because some patients find them to be a more convenient form of dosage. Also, we have chosen a vegan-based capsule, as this will meet the needs of those patients that do not wish to ingest galantine capsules with animal proteins”.

Together with its Canadian partner CannTrust Inc., STENOCARE has completed laboratory analysis and documentation that meet the very strict Danish requirements for quality and uniformity. During the coming months the Danish Medicines Agency will review the applications, and the company hope to be ready with the first shipment in late Summer 2019. 

For additional information regarding STENOCARE, please contact:

Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg, CEO

Phone +45 31770060


STENOCARE A/S was founded in 2017 with the purpose of being an active participant in the Danish medical cannabis pilot programme. The company was first to receive the Danish Medicines Agency's permission to import, distribute as well as cultivate and produce medical cannabis. The company offers high quality pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis oil, which is produced by hygienic and high technology cultivation and processing that fully comply with the strict regulatory requirements. STENOCARE will also develop a separate production facility for the cultivation and production of medical cannabis at the company’s premises in Jutland, Denmark.



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