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  • The RATP chooses Steria to modernise its centralised control station IT systems for 12 Paris underground lines.

The RATP chooses Steria to modernise its centralised control station IT systems for 12 Paris underground lines.

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The RATP chooses Steria to modernise its centralised control station IT systems for 12 Paris underground lines. As leader of the Steria - I2E Technologies consortium, the European IT services global operator, Steria, has been chosen by the RATP (the Paris transport authority) to modernise the IT systems for its centralised control stations of lines 1, 2, 3/3bis, 5, 6, 7/7bis, 8, 10, 11 and 13 of the Parisian underground. Having already modernised lines 9 and 12, which have been operational since the summer of 2000, Steria will now be working on the IT systems of the centralised control stations on 14 of the 16 Parisian underground lines. Centralised control stations are operational on a round-the-clock basis and are at the hub of the traffic supervision and regulation process for each underground line. They optimise the handling of operating incidents (power cuts, objects on the line, signal failure, etc.) and provide the necessary indicators to ensure service quality and keep staff and passengers informed. The RATP has launched the partial renovation programme of the centralised control stations based on a model which has already been put to the test (lines 9 and 12), and which can be set up at low cost on all of the lines concerned. Thus, the RATP will improve the level of reliability, availability and performance of the centralised control stations, and reduce maintenance and operator training costs. "In conjunction with our teams, Steria fine-tuned the technological and methodological tools adapted to our specific operating constraints. The success of the changeover from old to new systems on lines 9 and 12 convinced us of Steria's ability to successfully lead this project to the end," said André Pascal, director of the RATP's Permanent Way and Transport Systems. "In addition to its business expertise and its experience of managing projects in the transport field, Steria will provide the RATP with a rapid return on investment as well as risk reduction," said Jean-Charles Tarlier, Steria's transport department director. The project will be rolled out over the next three years by a mixed team (RATP, Steria and I2E Technologies) of about twenty people. Steria is one of the RATP's main suppliers, having designed the centralised control stations for the express underground RER lines A and B, the training simulator for the fully-automated line 14 (Météor), as well as the planning and optimisation of the Ile de France bus transport offer. Steria also designed the unified train supervision and regulation system for the Federal Railways in Switzerland, and the permanent way supervision system for the Deutsche Bahn in Germany. Steria is currently developing the maintenance management system of the Taipei-Kaohsiung high-speed train and the Singapore underground system. N.B.: Illustrations, diagrams and detailed technical information about the project are available upon request. About Steria Steria is one of the top ten IT services companies in Europe. The Group is positioned on the market as an IT services global operator, capable of implementing global solutions for its customers thanks to its three core businesses: consulting, systems integration and managed services. Created in 1969, Steria has developed its expertise in Europe in the banking and insurance, utilities, public service and telecommunications sectors. Steria boasts 9000 employees and forecasts 2002 revenues of over ?1bn, 60% of which will come from outside France due to its presence in 12 countries worldwide. Steria is a pioneer in employee shareholding, with 31% of its capital being held by employees. Steria is listed on the Premier Marché of the Paris Stock Exchange and in the SBF 120 index. Steria Press Office France Telecommunications, Industry and Transport Françoise Lemoine Tel. : +33 1 34 88 64 18 e-mail: Francoise.lemoine@steria.com Steria Group Press Office Dominique Lambert Tel. : +33 1 34 88 64 44 e-mail: Dominique.lambert@steria.com Actus High Tech Laurent Meggs and Rabia Ider Tel.: +33 1 53 67 33 36 39 e-mail: rider@actus.fr ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker http://www.waymaker.net The following files are available for download: http://www.waymaker.net/bitonline/2003/10/15/20031015BIT00410/wkr0001.pdf

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