Stewart Garden launches Garden Tidy range for autumn/spring 2012/13

Stewart Garden, the gardening products division of UK manufacturer, Stewart, has launched the new, major, Garden Tidy range ready for the upcoming busy autumn/spring gardening season.

As its name suggests, Garden Tidy features gardening products most commonly in demand during autumn and spring, and is a new category for Stewart Garden.

Premium and Essentials brushware includes products for outdoor and indoor cleaning, from wet and dry patio sweeping to algae removal from plant pots.

The Stewart Garden Telescopic Rake, nominated Best Buy rake 2012 by Kitchen Garden Magazine, is also featured. Garden bags and leaf collectors, meanwhile, are included to make gathering and composting garden waste easy. The Stewart Garden Trug, supplied with free gloves, completes the range. The products have been selected to help customers maintain the appeal of their gardens throughout autumn and spring.

Grow your own specialist and regular broadcaster, Pippa Greenwood says “There is something really satisfying about a good tidy up in the garden”

She goes on to say, that “as Autumn approaches, there is a lot to do, and having a well-designed set of useful equipment to hand makes it so much easier (and a lot quicker too). After the most miserable and damp summer in ages, algae are colonising paths, steps and patios, creating a potentially dangerous (and grim-looking!) surface so getting them cleared is essential.”

Stewart Garden is offering POS and display options for most lines in the Garden Tidy range.

The company will be showcasing the Garden Tidy range at this year’s GLEE exhibition, 17 – 19 September at the NEC, Birmingham. The company is exhibiting in on 5C06-D05.

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Stewart Garden

Garden Tidy range autumn/ spring 2012/13

Editors’ Notes

Premium Brushware

Made with FSC material and supplied fully assembled, Stewart Garden Premium brushware products feature a varnished head and hanging cap at the end of the handle. The range is designed to meet all the discerning gardener’s brushing and sweeping needs including wet and dry sweeping, clearing heavy wet debris and removing dirt and algae from garden pots. A dual sided POS stand measuring 1.2m wide x 1.8m high is available with orders of £300.00 or more.

Premium FSC Pot Brush SRSP £3.99

Premium FSC 9” Deck Scrub SRSP £6.99

Premium FSC 11” Coco Broom SRSP £7.99

Premium FSC 11” Bassine Broom SRSP £7.99

Premium FSC 11” PVC Broom SRSP £8.99

Premium FSC 1” HD Yard Broom PVC SRSP £16.99

Premium FSC 18” Bassine Broom SRSP £12.99

Premium FSC 18” PVC Broom SRSP £13.99

Premium FSC 11” Varnished Hand Brush PVC SRSP £3.99 

Essentials Brushware

Stewart Garden Essentials Brushware is a collection of four popular brush styles supplied with a clipped-on handle. The range includes, brooms, dustpan and brush sets for both indoor and outdoor cleaning, the Stewart Garden Weed Brush with Scraper and a Garden Tidy Set comprising PVC Broom, Large Dustpan and Rake. Stewart Garden supplies a free POS display with any 24 or more Essential Brush products ordered.

Essentials 11” Coco Broom SRSP £4.99

Essentials 11” Bassine Broom SRSP £4.99

Essentials 18” Bassine Broom SRSP £9.99

Essentials 11” PVC Broom SRSP £5.99

Garden Tidy Set including PVC Broom, Large Dustpan and Rake SRSP £10.99

Small Dustpan & Brush Set – for indoor cleaning SRSP £3.99

Large Dustpan and Brush Set – for outdoor cleaning SRSP £4.99

Patio Weed Brush with Scraper SRSP £6.99

Garden Tidy Accessories

The Garden Tidy Accessories range comprises:

The Stewart Garden Tough polythene Green Garden bags in 160 litre and 70 litre capacities, complete with strong handles and a flexible loop to keep them open when in use. The bags fold flat when not in use for easy storage.

Medium (70 litre) Green Bag SRSP £5.99

Large (160 litre) Green Bag SRSP £6.99

The Stewart Garden Big Hand Leaf Collectors SRSP £5.99

Available in red or green, the Stewart Garden Big Hand Leaf Collector makes light work of collecting and disposing of leaves in large volumes.

The Stewart Garden Telescopic Extendable Rake SRSP £10.99

Kitchen Garden Magazine’s Best Buy Rake, 2012, the Stewart Garden Telescopic Extendable Rake is adjustable from 79 cm to 160 cm and features narrow tines for border clearance while opening fully for a wider rake. Of solid construction, the rake also folds away for easy storage.

The Stewart Garden Trug, with free garden gloves SRSP £9.99

The Stewart Garden Trug is lightweight yet durable and supplied with free garden gloves worth £2.99 SRSP. Comes complete with a 16 unit display box.