STILRIDE reaches new milestone with 100,000 sign ups for SUS1

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The Swedish technology and design company STILRIDE was founded in 2020 with the ambition of taking a leading position within the rapidly growing area of electric motorcycles. Over the past two months, the company has closed an investment round, taken place in ABB's growth hub SynerLeap and attracted a lot of media attention around the world, including the UK, USA and Japan. They have also passed a milestone with over 100,000 potential customers signing up for interest in buying the SUS1.

A year ago, the first concept pictures of STILRIDE's Sport Utility Scooter, SUS1, were published, and since then the interest has been huge. The company has now reached its first milestone with 100,000 sign ups for interest in buying the electric scooter.

- 100,000 is of course a bit of a dream number we are extremely happy and proud that ther is such high interest in SUS1. We are now entering a final phase, selecting materials and fixing all the small details that needs to be in place before we can start mass-producing our first scooter. The goal is to be up and running towards the end of this year, says Jonas Nyvang, founder, and CEO of STILRIDE.

A lot has happened for STILRIDE during the last month. In January, the company closed an investment round raising SEK 31 million with investors such as Gustaf Hagman, Saeid Esmaeilizadeh, Sam Bonnier, Andreas Adler, and Tobias Emanuelsson. The company has also been accepted as a member of Swedish steel giant ABB's growth hub SynerLeap. Through SynerLeap will get the opportunity to develop their unique manufacturing process called STILFOLD even further.

- STILFOLD can most easily be described as industrial origami as we fold steel sheets into advanced and very strong constructions. It saves material, weight and provides a unique design DNA. STILFOLD is a green manufacturing technology that makes it possible to reduce the environmental footprint a lot, Jonas continues.

Less than a year ago, STILRIDE opened the possibility of registering an interest to be one of the first to buy a SUS1. At the end of January, around 70,000 people had signed up, but after mentiones in major international entrepreneurial, design, and lifestyle magazines such as HypeBeast, DesignBoom, FastCompany and Gizmodo last week, STILRIDE got over 30,000 new applications in less than three weeks.

- We love how the SUS1’s unique looks raise an interest all around the world. After the media coverage last week that started in the US, and then took a trip around the world via Japan, Chin and India, among others, the pressure became record high and we have now passed 100,000 by a good margin, says Jonas.

STILRIDE leans partly towards the products, where SUS1 is in focus, and partly on the in-house developed and unique manufacturing technology STILFOLD. The benefits with the special manufacturing technology are many and the potential is enormous.

- Since STILFOLD is basically steel sheets that we bend and fold, with the help of a preprogrammed robot. This enables advanced constructions that are manufactured locally. It also affects for example the shipping in a very positive way, by reducing transportation to flat packages of steel, says Jonas.

STILFOLD is further developed alongside the SUS1 and has already attracted a lot of interest from several larger, traditional industrial companies that currently are investigating the possibility of using the technology in parts of their business.

Jonas Nyvang

STILRIDE is a Swedish technology and design company that will soon launch its first product, the electric motorcycle SUS1. SUS1 is also the first product to take advantage of the company's own and unique manufacturing process STILFOLD, where an origami-style process is utilized to shape advanced constructions from sheets of steel. The process not only creates extremely durable constructions, but also enables environmentally friendly and local production. STILRIDE was founded in 2020 by Tue Beijer and Jonas Nyvang.