STILRIDE hires Ricardo Sá Freire as a design manager

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Ricardo Sá Freire is STILRIDE’s new design manager to develop the design concept for external parties. The background for this recruitment is based on STILRIDE’s unique manufacturing process STILFOLD where sheet metal is folded into different shapes in a process that easiest can be compared to industrial origami. 

Ricardo Sá Freire has a long background in industrial design and most recently came from a role as Senior Design Specialist at Husqvarna Group. In his new role at STILRIDE, he will focus on developing design concepts for large manufacturers in several different industries. 

-    We see a steadily increasing interest in our unique manufacturing process STILFOLD. We receive more and more inquiries from external companies who want to explore what’s possible with STILFOLD and if they can improve their own business with the help of our technology. Ricardo has a perfect profile to be able to help these external stakeholders to understand STILFOLD and its benefits, says Jonas Nyvang, co-founder and CEO at STILRIDE. 

The unique manufacturing process can most easily be described as industrial origami where sheet steel is bent to the desired shape. The result is a material-efficient and durable construction compared to traditional solutions and creates a natural development towards more durable steel structures. 

-    It feels great to pioneer green manufacturing with STILFOLD. It is not only a promising production technology, but it is also a necessity from an environmental sustainability perspective, says Ricardo Sá Freire

Ricardo will start his position as Design Manager on the 10th of May.  

Jonas Nyvang

STILRIDE is a Swedish technology and design company that will soon launch its first product, the electric motorcycle SUS1. SUS1 is also the first product to take advantage of the company's own and unique manufacturing process STILFOLD, where an origami-style process is utilized to shape advanced constructions from sheets of steel. The process not only creates extremely durable constructions, but also enables environmentally friendly and local production. STILRIDE was founded in 2020 by Tue Beijer and Jonas Nyvang.