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Record Number of Songwriters, Composers, And Music Publishers Choose STIM

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The number of STIM-affiliated songwriters, composers and music publishers continues to rise. In 2019, STIM affiliates surpassed 92,000, which is the highest number in the organisation’s nearly 100-year history.

“It feels great that an increasing number of music creators are entrusting us to manage their economic rights,” says Karsten Dyhrberg Nielsen, CEO of STIM. “2019 was an important year for our members owing to the approval of the new EU copyright directive, and with last year’s record-high revenue we saw the positive effects of all our new agreements with digital music services.”

STIM’s royalty payments to rightsholders over the year amounted to approximately SEK 1.8 billion, which is an increase of around SEK 200 million on the previous year. The largest proportion (38 percent) of the year’s more than SEK 2.4 billion in revenue came from the online segment, followed by TV (21 percent) and radio (14 percent).

As part of the ongoing work to promote regrowth and diversity in the Swedish music industry, STIM launched several initiatives during the year. STIM Music Room— a space where affiliates can create new music and expand their networks – was officially inaugurated. In addition, 131 talented songwriters and composers each received grants and stipends worth SEK 25,00050,000.

However, an in several respects strong 2019 was followed by a downbeat start to 2020. The spread of Covid-19 had rapid and dire consequences for the value chain of the entire music industry, and many of STIM’s affiliates have been hit very hard. Cancelled concerts and events and reduced music use in closed businesses such as restaurants and clothing stores are a difficult test for the whole sector.

“Right now, we are completely focused on helping our affiliated rightsholders get through the crisis,” says Dyhrberg Nielsen. “A few weeks ago, we approved the largest advance payment in STIM’s history and we have implemented several other parallel measures. In 2020, we must ensure that last year’s record-high revenue is paid out as planned and that our many negotiations with music users are not unnecessarily halted. 2020 must not be the year the music is silenced.”


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Stim is a copyright organization with more than 90,000 affiliated music makers and music publishers. Our objective is a strong copyright legislation to ensure that those who we represent are being paid when their music is played. Stim is a non-profit organization with an interest in the sustainability and diversity of Swedish music life, which distinguishes us from other more market oriented organizations. A license with Stim provides access to a world-class repertoire – music that brings feelings, creates identity and togetherness.