100 billion Euro investment potential in the Stockholm region

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The investment potential for the Stockholm region has increased by 15 billion Euro in the year that has passed and now amounts to more than100 billion Euro until 2021. It is mainly smaller projects that have contributed to the increase. Stockholm municipality's aim for 140,000 new housing units and extension of the subway are included in the calculation.

The Stockholm region's construction projects have increased by almost 50 percent since the start of the year. Most projects concern the construction of apartment blocks, but also include harbor facilities, energy plants and restaurants.

- Of course I'm very pleased that the investment volume is growing once more. Stockholm is doing well now and that is reflected in our surveys. If the Stockholm region is to grow in step with its potential, foreign investments are crucial for growth, says Olof Zetterberg, CEO at Stockholm Business Region.

6 of the 15 billion Euros that investments have grown by since February 2014 have been made in Stockholm municipality and the rest in the entire Stockholm region.

Stockholm Business Region, together with its subsidiaries Stockholm Business Region Development and Stockholm Visitors Board, work to develop and promote Stockholm as a business and tourist destination. Stockholm Business Region runs the brand Stockholm –The Capital of Scandinavia.

Sabina von Greyerz, Public Relations Manager, Stockholm Business Region
Phone: 46850828069
e-mail: sabina.von.greyerz@stockholm.se