Trig Social Media AB expands its Esports portfolio by Hearthstone - Trig signs star-player trio

Stockholm, 5 March: Trig Social Media AB expands its portfolio of Esports’ disciplines by adding Hearthstone, a Heroes of Warcraft free-to-play video game. At the same time Trig signs its star-players Jan “Faramir” Engelmann, Harald “Powder” Gimre, and Daniel “DTwo” Ikuta.

Jan “Faramir” Engelmann (22) is a professional Hearthstone player who has participated in plenty of tournaments with great success. In December last year, he won both Tavern Takeover III and Heroes of Cards 2014 - Cup #4.

Daniel “DTwo” Ikuta (29) is probably most famous for being placed 3-4 on the BlizzCon 2014 and for winning the Battle of the Best, which is a Best-of-Five series with some of the best players in the world competing.

Harald “Powder” Gimre (22) is a truly talented gamer who is not only one of the best Hearthstone players around, but also participates in weekly Counter-Strike cups online as well as being a High Diamond 1 LoL player. Harald managed to snatch the silver medal from the Inaugural Kinguin Invitational Tournament in December last year.

Harald “Powder” Gimre: "It feels great to join an organization with such massive ambitions as Trig, not just for Hearthstone but for the gaming community as a whole. Everything so far has been really great and we're all looking forward to a great partnership."

Elias Löfgren, Communications Manager at Trig: ”We’re very excited to have added a trio of well-respected players in Jan, Harald, and Daniel. It was important for us to find the right players to work with when moving into Hearthstone as one of our five Esports’ disciplines and we are confident that we’ve now found those players.”

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About Trig Social Media 

Trig Social Media AB (publ) is a global social media platform provider who has designed a range of social user-engagement product applications such as,, Momentik by Trig, HeyHey, and Trig Tv. The company also has an Esports division and controls or owns six of the leading teams and players in the world. 

Trig is a listed public company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a market cap exceeding EUR 1 bn.



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