American steel mill chooses StreamServe for business communication

American steel mill chooses StreamServe for business communication (Stockholm, Sweden, November 28, 2001) StreamServe Inc., today announces that Oregon Steel Mills, Inc., (NYSE:OS), one of the most diversified minimills in the USA, has chosen the StreamServe Business Communication Platform to enhance business communication from its Oracle e-Business suite. Oregon Steel Mills (OSM) has four production and manufacturing centers spread over the western part of the US and Canada, at which it produces a broad line of specialty and commodity steel products for domestic and global markets. The company is organized into two divisions - the Oregon Steel Mills Division and Rocky Mountain Steel Mills Division. Both divisions communicate with suppliers and customers, accounting for close to 1 million transactions per year. OSM is replacing its existing output solution with StreamServe's Business Communication Platform, to ensure that its business communication is conducted more efficiently and cost- effectively. OSM will deploy StreamServe's email and fax communication technology, for distributing business documents, such as purchase orders and sales orders, based on the information generated in the core Oracle solution. Oregon Steel will also leverage StreamServe's XML capabilities for two-way communication with suppliers and customers, thereby increasing collaboration and cutting costs associated with business communication. "OSM views StreamServe as a critical component of its Strategic Purchasing Initiative. With the historically unprecedented competitive condition of the US steel market, OSM must aggressively continue to leverage every opportunity to reduce the overall costs of its products. The StreamServe technology provides significant savings over traditional supply chain communications and fits well in the current and future information systems utilized by OSM," states Matt Miller, Project Manager - Oracle, Strategic Procurement. "With the XML capabilities that StreamServe offers, we will greatly increase collaboration with our suppliers and customers and improve the efficiency and flexibility of the internal and external communication for our manufacturing, at a low cost." "It is apparent that there is a new demand in the market for business communication solutions. Many of our existing and new customers are moving to using a communication layer that sits on top of their existing ERP solution," says Nick Earle, CEO at StreamServe. "We also see that traditional EDI industries are moving to XML. StreamServe's XML capabilities can dramatically reduce the cost associated with supporting the increasing complexity that business communication involves and improve collaboration with suppliers, customers and business partners." For further information please contact: Matt Miller Sheila Gibson StreamServe Oregon Steel Mills Phone: +44 (0)1344 464900 +1 503.240.5263 About StreamServe StreamServe is a provider of eBusiness communication software. Its solutions enable companies to manage, personalize and automate the flow of critical business information between its customers, suppliers and eMarketplaces. StreamServe began operations in Sweden in 1995. Over the past five years, it has experienced explosive growth and now has offices in the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark and Norway. StreamServe has more than 2,750 customers across a wide range of industries representing the new and old economies. The company has strong partnerships with major business application vendors, such as SAP, Oracle, IFS, Intentia, Baan and Scala. The company also has a partnership with Hewlett-Packard, eBusiness providers and systems integrators. For more information, visit About Oregon Steel Mills Oregon Steel Mills Inc. is organized into two divisions. The Oregon Steel Division produces steel plate, coil and welded pipe from plants located in Portland, Oregon, Napa, California and Camrose, Alberta, Canada. The Rocky Mountain Steel Mills Division, located in Pueblo, Colorado produces steel rail, rod, bar and tubular products. For more information, visit ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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