StreamServe Forms Alliance With Ironside Technologies

StreamServe Forms Alliance With Ironside Technologies Boston, MA and Stockholm, Sweden - January 4, 2001 - StreamServe, Inc., an eBusiness communication software company, announced today a strategic alliance with Ironside Technologies, a leading provider of sell-side business-to-business electronic commerce solutions for the manufacturing and distribution markets. The partnership will enable StreamServe's customers to directly integrate into the Ironside Network. In the next few years, as e-marketplaces emerge, organizations will need to integrate into many public and private e-marketplaces. The Ironside Network provides a single point of integration into multiple e- marketplaces. The business value for suppliers is driven by the requirement for publishing information only once; the Ironside Network takes care of the transformation and integration into multiple e- marketplaces. Also importantly, the Ironside Network enables bi- directional, real time integration between a business supplier and its various online buyer constituencies. "This relationship is likely to provide powerful mutual benefits, enabling Ironside to take advantage of the liquidity StreamServe's 1,800 customers represent, while providing StreamServe customers access to an entire universe of e-marketplaces," said Ironside COO Derek Smyth. "As the first software developer to adopt the Ironside XML standard, iXML, we expect StreamServe to represent one of many solution providers to incorporate the Ironside transaction format into their overall solution strategy." "While e-marketplaces offer tremendous benefits for buyers, suppliers typically bear the greatest burden. Small and medium size suppliers with limited resources are being asked to support multiple e-marketplaces, and each marketplace has different integration and information standards," says Hans Otterling, CEO of StreamServe, Inc. "By taking advantage of the Ironside partnership, StreamServe's customers will be able to greatly reduce the effort involved in participating with e-marketplaces." The StreamServe/Ironside partnership will encompass the following joint efforts: * StreamServe expects to incorporate support for iXML, Ironside's XML standard, into its XML Enabler tool. StreamServe customers will be able to utilize the XML Enabler to gain real time integration into the Ironside Network, sending information, such as purchase orders, electronic catalogs, and other business critical information from back-end enterprise applications directly to the Ironside Network, and reaching virtually any e-marketplace. * Ironside and StreamServe expect to launch a collaborative global sales and marketing initiative. The two companies will conduct webinars, direct mail and telemarketing campaigns to educate StreamServe's customer base on the partnership. Salespeople from both companies will work to enlist StreamServe's customers to join the Ironside Network. * Ironside expects to utilize StreamServe's solution to augment its data mapping capabilities, helping to translate information from one data standard to another, i.e. EDI to XML. About StreamServe StreamServe is a provider of eBusiness communication software. Its solutions enable companies to manage, personalize and automate the flow of critical business information between its customers, suppliers, and eMarketplaces. StreamServe leverages existing investments by providing integration with most major business applications, legacy systems, and eBusiness platforms. StreamServe began operations in Sweden in 1995. Over the past five years, it has experienced explosive growth and now has offices in Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States. StreamServe has more than 1,800 customers across a wide range of industries representing the new and old economies. The company also has strong partnerships with major business application vendors, systems integrators and eBusiness providers. See About Ironside Technologies Pleasanton, Calif.-based Ironside Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of sell-side business-to-business electronic commerce solutions for manufacturers and distributors. Ironside Powered solutions include the Ironworks product suite and the Ironside Network service offering. Ironworks provides downstream trading partners sophisticated transaction and order-management capability, integrating into existing enterprise business logic to deliver information that is always up to date. The Ironside Network is the industry's first supplier-focused network, providing e-market integration, content syndication and wireless applications. All Ironside Powered solutions integrate into virtually all enterprise business systems and are available as rapidly deployable integrated solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, SSA eBPCS, JB, and PRISM. Contact Ironside at, or call 1-800-495-IRON. For additional information, contact: Scott Latham Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Alliances StreamServe, Inc. +1 781-863-1510 Carlo Bossio Director, Business Development Ironside Technologies +1 905 415 3900 StreamServe, the StreamServe logotype and Intelligent Business Communications are trademarks of StreamServe, Inc. Ironside Technologies and the Ironside Network are service marks of Ironside Technologies, Inc. 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