Customer survey confirms Subscan’s strong performance and helps set priorities for the future

Subscan Technology has published the results of its first annual customer survey, which shows the strength of its customer service and performance and provides a benchmark for future improvement.

The company specialises in utility mapping and works for clients throughout Europe, offering a range of surveys, including desktop mapping, topological, electromagnetic and ground penetrating radar.

Over 97% of respondents had benefited from GPR surveys and over 16% had used radar surveys to find buried features, such as foundations and rebar. These indicate that much of Subscan’s work is at the more complex end of the survey spectrum.

100% of respondents marked Subscan’s performance as good or excellent for vital business features such as handling the initial enquiry, understanding survey requirements, communicating clearly and effectively and the competence of office staff. Crucially, all clients who had Subscan staff on their sites also said that the competence of those staff was either excellent or good. 96.7% of respondents said they were certain or very likely to use Subscan in future.

John Robinson, managing director of Subscan Technology says, “We are very pleased with the overall picture, particularly given the wide range and complexity of the survey work covered. However, we intend to learn from those areas where we feel we did less well. For instance, 9.3% of respondents felt the turnaround time for final data was only adequate and 9.7% felt our prompt response to problems was less than good. These benchmark figures give us some priorities on which to work.”

Subscan has been in business 20 years, yet is continually developing both its service and products. John Robinson say “Perhaps the most encouraging result from this survey was that 57.7% of respondents thought our performance was getting better or much better and not one customer thought our performance was getting worse.”


About Subscan Technology – Subscan Technology was established 20 years ago and is theUK’s leading supplier of services aimed at the detection and avoidance of underground utilities and other hazards. Its experienced utility detection and ground penetrating radar teams provide full UK coverage from three offices in Rugby, Yeovil and Doncaster.


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