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About Sunbelt BakeryMcKee Foods, a family-owned company based in Collegedale, Tenn., introduced the Sunbelt brand in 1982. The Sunbelt Bakery brand includes cereal and snack products, including chewy granola bars, fruit and grain cereal bars, and cereals. To learn more about Sunbelt Bakery snacks and cereals, visit


To many, the spicy aroma of gingerbread is one that brings a feeling of warmth and holiday spirit. For our new Gingerbread Chewy Granola Bars, Sunbelt Bakery created a great recipe to go with the chewy texture of our classic granola bar to deliver a delicious, bakery fresh snack that truly captures the warm and slightly spicy essence of gingerbread in every bite.
Jeff Badger, brand director for Sunbelt Bakery
Sunbelt Bakery takes great pride in knowing individuals and families can always turn to our products and find a delicious, nutritional snack that does not have any preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup. And, since Sunbelt Bakery delivers new products to wholesalers every week, consumers will always enjoy that incredible bakery-fresh taste when eating our products or sharing them with their friends and family.
Jeff Badger, brand director for Sunbelt Bakery
Breast cancer is a widespread disease that touches nearly everyone at some point in their lives. We are truly ecstatic about the incredible response our customers had to our ‘Bakery Fresh Friends’ promotion. NBCF continues to be a leading source of support for women in the fight against breast cancer, and we proudly make this $50,000 donation to support this organization’s efforts to extend women's lives through breast cancer education and by expanding access to early detection services for those in need.
Jeff Badger, brand director for Sunbelt Bakery
We want to thank Sunbelt Bakery, its employees, distributors, and retailers, and consumers across the country for their support and help in making this generous donation possible for our organization. Donations like this one are important because they help NBCF fulfill its mission by providing free mammograms and diagnostic breast care services to underserved women across the country.
Janelle Hail, founder and CEO of the National Breast Cancer Foundation
Sunbelt Bakery is known for its delicious snacks with a bakery-fresh taste that everyone loves to eat. Our Protein Delights are no different as the deliciously light, yet rich taste of these whole wheat wafers will forever change the expectations of how protein bars should taste.
Jeff Badger, brand director for Sunbelt Bakery
Protein Delights make the perfect, on-the-go snack for consumers looking to satisfy food cravings between meals or needing a quick source of energy to get through the day.
Jeff Badger, brand director for Sunbelt Bakery
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