Formation of Billerud will have positive effects on AssiDomän

Formation of Billerud will have positive effects on AssiDomän The new company Billerud, which was presented today, will be a company focused on a few, well-defined product areas, primarily kraft paper. The new company means that AssiDomän's Karlsborg and Skärblacka mills be become part of a new industrial structure. The industrial logic of this merger will create synergies that will amount to approximately MSEK 200. The formation of Billerud marks yet another step in line with AssiDomän's strategy to focus and concentrate its operations to fewer product areas. Re-focusing and participation in the formation of new, strong industrial groupings creates shareholder value. This transaction will lead to several positive financial effects for AssiDomän. AssiDomän's share of the joint synergies of MSEK 200 corresponds to a positive effect of SEK 0.60 per AssiDomän share. Directly in conjunction with the listing of Billerud, AssiDomän intends to distribute the Billerud holding to shareholders in accordance with lex Asea. This means that additional financial resources will be transferred to AssiDomän's shareholders in an effective manner. A review of the Group's financing is also being carried out as a result of these structural changes. AssiDomän AB Corporate Communications 27 October 2000 For additional information, please contact: Gunnar Palme, President and CEO Roger Asserståhl, Deputy CEO Peter Månsson, Investor Relations Tel. + 46 8 655 9000. Appendix AssiDomän PRO FORMA Balance Sheet (MSEK) Pro forma 1* Billeru Pro forma 30 June 00 d 2 30 June 00 Fixed assets 16,614 -2,180 14,434 Current assets 12,726 -880 11,846 Billerud shares 1,080 1,080 Total assets 29,340 -1,980 27,360 Shareholders' 13,821 13,821 equity Interest-bearing 9,463 -1,500 7,963 liabilities Non-interest- 6,056 -480 5,576 bearing liabilities Total 29,340 -1,980 27,360 shareholders' equity and liabilities Interest-bearing 4,198 -1,500 2,698 net debt * Pro forma taking the sale to Frantschach into account, but excluding redemption ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: