U.S. Ambassador speaks on energy for the future VIND2007 – a forum for all the important issues

This year’s Swedish wind power conference – VIND2007 – takes place on September 27-28. It promises to be the biggest wind power conference ever in Sweden, with an expected audience of some 400 people at Folkets hus, Norra Bantorget in Stockholm. The U.S. Ambassador, Mr Michael M. Wood, is one of the key note speakers.

Matthias Rapp, head of Svensk Vindkraft, the organiser of VIND2007, is satisfied with the situation:

– We can see a tremendous interest for wind power as well as for the conference right now. Some 40 speakers representing a wide spectrum of wind power interests, such as from the financing and investment sector, as well as big interest from various authorities and from politicians - also from other countries than Sweden – will contribute to the conference. Also media is showing interest for the conference.

Not least the concluding panel discussion between representatives from authorities, led by Mr Lars Adaktusson, a well known broadcaster, promises to be a top class finish of the conference. In the very last segment, U.S. Ambassador Mr Michael M. Wood speaks of energy for the future. Mr Wood has become a well-known proponent of sustainable energy, due to his “One big thing” campaign that encourages cooperation between the United States and Sweden in the field of renewable energy.

– It is a great honour for me to take part in this year’s Swedish wind power conference because America, from the President on down, is eager to cooperate with Sweden in order to find a way to cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our dependence on oil, says Mr Wood.

The Wind Conference is a recurring bi-annual event, held every other year since the mid 1980’s in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö. The programme, as well as registration details, is available on www.vind2007.se.

Mattias Rapp, phone 46 8 677 28 92, mobile: 46 70 453 11 38
Gunnar Fredriksson phone 46 8 677 28 93, mobile: 46 70 751 40 24

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