Letter of intent regarding travel to high risk areas

Swedish media companies have agreed on a joint declaration of intent regarding travel to high risk areas. The purpose is to establish an industry-wide approach with the ultimate goal of strengthening the security of our employees and media contractors.

We have therefore agreed on a number of requirements, e.g.:

• Each trip to a high risk area is preceded by a transparent risk analysis

• Every employee who is sent to a high risk area must have undergone a qualified safety course, including medical first aid training

• Every employee sent to a high risk area must carry relevant and updated field emergency medical equipment and appropriate protective equipment
• In cases where companies send contracted freelance journalists or photographers to high risk destinations, the media companies shall take the same responsibility for them, and have the same demands for them, as for full time employees

Full terms of the agreement can be found in the attached pdf.

The following media companies intend to continue working together on safety issues.

Casten Almqvist, CEO TV4
Cilla Benkö, Director General Swedish Radio
Lotta Edling, Editor-in-chief Dagens Industri
Fredric Karén, Editor-in-chief Svenska Dagbladet
Thomas Mattsson, Editor-in-chief Expressen
Sofia Olsson Olsén, CEO and Editor-in-chief Aftonbladet
Hanna Stjärne, Director General Swedish Television
Peter Wolodarski, Editor-in-chief Dagens Nyheter


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