Swebus and the Swedish Tourist Association join forces

Express bus company Swebus is launching a joint initiative with the Swedish Tourist Association (STF). The move will make it easier for tourists visiting Sweden to find travel and accommodation for their holiday and provide discounts on trips throughout the Swebus network for STF members.

“Working together will enable us to clearly link journeys with interesting destinations with comfortable accommodation,” says Swebus press officer Ingvar Ryggesjö. “We hope that more of our faithful passengers will discover STF, and that STF members will take the opportunity to find out how comfortable travelling with us can be.”

STF operates Sweden-wide and is a non-profit organisation to promote tourism in Sweden with about 300,000 members. It covers nearly 400 hostels, hotels, mountain stations and mountain cabins.

“We want it to be easy to discover Sweden and to book a journey at the same time as booking accommodation. Working with Swebus will give our members a cost-efficient travel alternative,” says Sylvia Nylin, communications and sales manager at STF.

Swebus and STF’s joint initiative comprises:

- a 10% discount for STF members on journeys on Swebus’ network of routes.

- Visibility for Swebus routes on STF’s website and visibility for STF accommodation on Swebus’ website.

- STF’s hostels will sell tickets for Swebus flight transfers to Arlanda.

High resolution pictures free for publication
STF’s new hostel in Halmstad is one example of accommodation that can now be visited easily.


STF af Chapman in Stockholm photo Bosse Lind

For further information, please contact:
Ingvar Ryggesjö, Swebus press officer, 
Phone: 46 (0)70-187 11 33, e-mail: 
Swebus press office: 46 (0)701-87 12 00

Sylvia Nylin, communication and sales manager at STF
Mobile +46 (0)73-274 21 83
E-mail: sylvia.nylin@stfturist.se

About STF
The Swedish Tourist Association is one of Sweden’s largest non-profit organisations with approximately 300,000 members. The association offers almost 400 hostels and hotels, plus mountain stations and mountain cabins on hiking routes in the Swedish fells. Internationally STF is part of the international organisation Hostelling International which covers 4,000 sites. Every year thousands of activities and courses are arranged by the hostels and the association’s about 75 local groups. STF issues the members’ magazine Turist. There are an average of 250 employees and STF has a turnover of about SEK 260 million. Read more about STF and discover Sweden at www.svenskaturistforeningen.se or www.facebook.com/svenskaturistforeningen!

Swebus is the leading express bus company in Sweden, with more than 10,000 departures weekly. Swebus provides journeys to 150 locations in Sweden, and to Copenhagen, Oslo and continental Europe. Swebus also offers airport transfer, event journeys and chartered traffic. Every year more than two million passenger journeys are made on our buses. All of our express bus journeys carry Bra Miljöval (Good Environment Choice) certification and free internet access is available on all of our own buses. Read more and book your journey on www.swebus.se

Swebus is part of the Nobina group, the largest bus passenger transport company in the Nordic region. The operations include contractual regional traffic in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland as well as independently operated interregional traffic through Swebus. The Nobina group has annual sales in excess of SEK 6 billion, operates 3,500 buses and, with more than 260 million passenger journeys per year, is one of the major passenger transport companies in northern Europe. For more information, please see www.nobina.com


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About Swebus Swebus is the largest inter-regional bus operator in Sweden and runs express bus routes, airport bus services with Flygturen and private hire coaches. The company has over two million passengers a year on 10,000 departures a week. Swebus runs buses to about 150 destinations from Mora and Oslo in the north to Skåne and Copenhagen in the south. Swebus also works with other bus companies on routes to Norrland and Europe. All Swebus’ express bus routes have gained the Good Environmental Choice ecolabel and there is free internet access on board. Swebus is part of Nobina AB, the Nordic leader in public bus transport. Read more and buy your ticket at www.swebus.se.