Swebus launches west coast price guarantee

Express bus company Swebus is the only company in the travel industry to introduce a price guarantee for its customers. “We are preparing for the tougher competition that we’ll face thanks to public transport deregulation,” says Swebus press officer Ingvar Ryggesjö.

“Swebus wants to have the lowest prices of all express bus companies and from now onwards we will be giving our passengers a refund if they find another express bus company offering a lower price on the same route,” says Swebus press officer Ingvar Ryggesjö. “Express buses are already known for their low prices compared with rail and air travel, for example. The price guarantee means that Swebus passengers can rest assured that they are travelling at the very lowest price possible even compared with other express bus companies.”

The price guarantee will initially be introduced down the entire west coast and will apply to all stretches between Oslo and Copenhagen. The results will then be evaluated before the concept is extended.

“We want to have the lowest prices across our entire network of routes but we want to test the new price guarantee concept under controlled conditions,” says Ingvar Ryggesjö. “The reason for starting with the west coast is that there are lots of popular bus routes there and we can easily reach lots of regular express bus passengers. This will enable us to quickly get feedback from interested customers.”

Swebus’ new price guarantee means that if a passenger finds a corresponding journey provided at a lower price than Swebus by a competing express bus company, Swebus will refund them the difference plus one krona. The price guarantee applies both before and after passengers have bought a ticket from Swebus. For more information on Swebus’ new price guarantee, see http://www.swebus.se/prisgaranti.

For further information, please contact:
Ingvar Ryggesjö, Swebus press officer, 
Phone: 46 (0)70-187 11 33, e-mail: 
Swebus press office: 46 (0)701-87 12 00

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