Nomination Committee for the AGM 2021

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The Annual General Meeting of Swedbank AB will be held on Thursday 25 March 2021. The following are the members of the Nomination Committee: Lennart Haglund, appointed by Sparbankernas Ägareförening and Chair of the Nomination Committee; Ylva Wessén, appointed by Folksam; Hans Sterte, appointed by Alecta; Anders Oscarsson, appointed by AMF; Peter Karlström, appointed by the owner-group Sparbanksstiftelserna; Göran Persson, Chair of the Board of Directors of Swedbank AB.

The Nomination Committee will prepare and make proposals to the 2021 AGM regarding the election of Chair of the AGM, Chair of the Board, and other board members. The committee will also make proposals regarding remuneration to the board members as well as external auditor’s fees and submit proposals for principles on how the Nomination Committee for 2022 shall be appointed and instruction for the Nomination Committee regarding the work ahead of the AGM 2022.

Shareholders who would like to forward a proposal to the Nomination Committee shall submit a proposal no later than 7 January 2021, either by e-mail to: or by mail to: Valberedningen c/o Swedbank AB, Valberedningens sekreterare, 105 34 Stockholm, Sweden.

The Nomination Committee’s proposal will be presented in the notice to the AGM and on the bank’s web page.


Lennart Haglund, Chair of the Nomination Committee, tel: +46 70 557 51 29

Unni Jerndal, Head of Press, tel: +46 73 092 11 80

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