Swedbank’s Green Bond Impact Report 2019

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Swedbank continues to expand its Green Asset Register, which now includes assets worth nearly SEK 14 billion. Annual avoided emissions totalled 434,678 tonnes of CO2e, deriving from 266 wind power plants and 34 green buildings.

Swedbank established its Green Bond Frame­work in October 2017 to enable and support sustain­able investments. The Green Bond Impact Report accounts for the estimated environmental impact from the investments in eligible green assets on a portfolio basis. Assets included in the Green Asset Register as of 31 December 2019 totalled SEK 13,958 million. The Green Asset Register increased by SEK 3,639 million from 2018, and the share of new financing grew from 32 percent to 43 percent.

“Our role in running a sustainable bank is to create positive impact through our business and to promote sustainable finance by inspiring people and businesses to make smart sustainable choices,” says Fredrik Nilzén, Head of Group Sustainability at Swedbank.

Green Bonds, financing sustainable real estate and renewable energy, is an important instrument in promoting sustainable finance. Swedbank’s green bonds serve as an important means to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Avoided CO2e emissions amounted to 31 tonnes annually per 1 million SEK invested. Proceeds from the Green Asset Register were used to finance and re-finance green buildings and renewable energy production. The first Baltic asset, a wind park in Lithuania, was included in the Green Asset Register. Wind power generated annual renewable energy production of 1,725,000 MWh and green buildings generated annual energy savings of 13,161 MWh.

“Issuing Green Bonds creates opportunities for us and our customers to contribute towards a more sustainable society. Through these bonds we can connect our customers´ needs for green loans with the increasing demand for green investments. Each one of us is an important link in the chain of putting green money to work,” says Kerstin Ahlqvist, Head of Long-term funding at Swedbank.

Swedbank’s Green Bond Program is constantly evolving as the marketplace and the regulatory environment for sustainable bonds are rapidly developing. Swedbank is committed to be part of, to follow and to drive this transition.

Swedbank’s Green Bond Impact Report 2019 is available on: www.swedbank.com/investor-relations/debt-investors/green-bonds.

For further information: 
Fredrik Nilzén, Head of Group Sustainability Swedbank, ph. +46 76 773 19 26 
Kerstin Ahlqvist, Head of Long-term funding Swedbank, ph. +46 72 741 23 98
Magnus Alvesson, Investor Relations, Swedbank, ph. +46 70 610 33 41
Unni Jerndal, Head of Group Press Office Swedbank, ph. +46 73 092 11 80

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