Swedegas becomes a partner in the newly formed Swedish Energy Research Centre

The energy industry has established a completely new centre to consolidate research. Energiforsk – the Swedish Energy Research Centre – will bring together research currently being conducted at Elforsk, the Thermal Engineering Research Association and the Swedish Gas Technology Centre (SGC) and in the Fjärrsyn research programme run by the Swedish District Heating Association.

The companies behind Energiforsk are Svensk Energi, the Swedish District Heating Association, the Swedish National Grid, the Swedish Gas Association and Swedegas.

Lars Gustafsson, Swedegas Chief Executive, said: "If we are to be able to meet the impending challenges constructively, we need to gather our collective resources and strengths and take on a holistic approach. As an investor in the gas infrastructure, it is obvious for us to be involved and make our contribution to developing future energy systems. Gas as a system balancing fuel of the future and technology such as power-to-gas are just two examples of emergent synergies."

Operations will extend across the entire energy system and a universal perspective will be adopted. This will ensure that the focus is on the correct research issues.

Magnus Olofsson, President of Energiforsk, said: "Energiforsk will bring together companies and organisations from industry, the community and academia. As is the case with electricity, biogas and other new fuels are crucial to the transport of the future. Gas turbines could also be an important complement to the increasing volume of wind power in the energy system."

The energy system is gradually becoming more unified and a joint research company will promote more efficient interdisciplinary research. It would also increase the potential for larger research initiatives – from the EU for example.

Jan Samuelsson, Chairman of Energiforsk, said: "Sweden has for a long time been highly proficient at producing electricity, district heating and combined heat and power based on a variety of fuels. Gas is available mainly in the south of the country although nationwide the number of wind turbines is growing and customers are becoming more and more involved in their own solar power production. In a future where we will have an even more decentralised European energy system, it will be increasingly important to conduct research in order to develop efficient, coordinated solutions."

Energiforsk will have around 20 employees in Stockholm and Malmö.

The Swedish Forest Industries Federation and Swedish Wind Energy both have an option to become partners in Energiforsk.

For further information, please contact

Saila Horttanainen, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Swedegas, +46 (0)70 622 76 06

Magnus Olofsson, President, Energiforsk, +46 (0)70 647 2883


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