Swedish Stirling files patent application

Swedish Stirling AB filed a patent application today for the company’s product, the PWR BLOK 400-F, with the European Patent Office (EPO). The aim of the application is to further strengthen the protection of the technology in the run-up to the commercial rollout and start of mass production.

Swedish clean tech company, Swedish Stirling, has filed a patent application for the company’s product, the PWR BLOK 400-F, with the European Patent Office (EPO). The application covers the construction process for how residual gases are fed into and burned off in the Stirling engines’ fuel chambers to give more efficient conversion. The aim of the patent application is to prevent direct imitations of the design principles and construction aspects that Swedish Stirling AB has developed for the company’s unique solution for recycling energy from industrial residual gases, by converting them to electricity.

Swedish Stirling has previously filed patent applications with the EPO covering the PWR BLOK concept’s general system design, with a particular focus on the flexibility and modular nature of the solution. As well as an application concerning a system for central monitoring and control of the working gas in each Stirling engine within a PWR BLOCK. The patents collectively make it difficult and very costly to copy the company’s energy recycling concept.

“Sound intellectual protection is extremely important when we commence the commercial rollout of the PWR BLOK and start mass production in 2021. The recycling of residual gases and the ability to convert the energy in these gases to electricity in a cost-effective manner opens up a completely new multibillion dollar market. We are completely alone in offering this solution, and a comprehensive patent protection will ensure that we’re able to reap the rewards of our development work,” says Gunnar Larsson, CEO of Swedish Stirling.

Swedish Stirling is in the midst of a wide-ranging commercialisation phase. It recently emerged that PWR BLOK is part of Glencore’s (the world’s largest commodities company) solution for attaining complete carbon neutrality by 2050. In the autumn, Swedish Stirling installed a pilot facility at Samancor Chrome’s ferrochrome smelter, TC Smelter, in South Africa. The facility will be formally inaugurated early next year. During the year, the company has also signed an agreement for a full-scale facility of up to 25 PWR BLOK units in South Africa, and statements of intent for further orders worth over SEK 2 bn.


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About Swedish Stirling AB

Swedish Stirling AB is a Swedish clean tech company founded in 2008 with a mission to further refine the incomparable ability of Stirling technology to convert thermal energy to electricity. The company’s latest product – the PWR BLOK 400-F – is a unique proprietary solution for recycling energy from industrial residual and flare gases and converting these into 100% carbon-neutral electricity at high efficiency. According to an independent certification, the PWR BLOK is the cheapest way to generate electricity that exists today, yielding greater CO2 savings per krona invested than any other type of energy. Swedish Stirling AB is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier and FNCA Sweden AB is appointed Certified Adviser, +46(0)8-528 00 399, info@fnca.se.  Read more at www.swedishstirling.com


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